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Video conferencing technology is created for a very simple reason: to make face-to-face business meetings even when people are not attendant. And this idea is very reasonable. We realize that when we communicate more naturally, collaboration will be more effective. Therefore, video conferencing equipment is born with the hope of increasing the value of face-to-face communication everywhere.

When online meeting equipment first appeared on the commercial market in the 1980s, some companies were very excited. However, this solutions to the market are mostly complex and extremely expensive hardware systems, and in particular they need help and ongoing management of specialized IT staff. Hence, not every business or organization can do it.

However, video conferencing systems have been improved over and over with great benefits such as:

  • Modern hardware, easy to set up and maintain; No longer need intensive IT knowledge to operate.
  • No need for a high-speed Internet connection can still deliver high quality video and audio.
  • Conduct online meetings anytime, anywhere, on any device, even mobile phones
  • Improved user interface between screenshots and participants is more intuitive.
  • More affordable for both small and medium sized businesses and organizations.

Bao An Telecom headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City and two branches in Hanoi and Da Nang commits to provide customers with optimal solutions with the best quality. We are always credited as the foundation of success and look forward to cooperating firmly with businesses.



Proudly provides products and services to enhance the daily lives of our customers, employees and the community at the best possible price.


With a team of highly skilled technical staff, we are confident to handle the problems you are experiencing in the most efficient and professional way possible.


Through the hotline, our technicians are available to provide advice and support on 24/7 product related issues.


With the trust of customers during 5 years, Bao An Telecom has implemented hundreds of videoconference projects for enterprises, state organizations, hospitals, schools ... We always take the reputation and quality as the first condition, bring you the best solutions and most effective. Here are the projects that we have accomplished in the past few years:

Video conferencing technology | Bao An Telecom


Thietbihop247 provides a full-service online meeting room installation service, providing a safe and professional meeting solution. Customers can rest assured of our services because we have a team of good technicians, formally trained, highly skilled, and experienced in the field of installing telecommunications electronic equipment.
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What do customers say about us?

Mr. Cuong, CEO - Oriental Garment Viet Nam
"We often have to fly from Thailand to Vietnam, from Ho Chi Minh City, we have to go almost 10 hours to An Giang, since we have been using this system, we really save a lot of time" . Mr. Cuong, CEO - Oriental Garment Viet Nam Mr. Cuong, CEO - Oriental Garment Viet Nam
Mr. Thinh, Financial Director – Medilatec Hospital
"Since I installed our online meeting system, our meeting costs have dropped by half, and only a year has we recouped our capital. " Mr. Thinh, Financial Director – Medilatec Hospital Mr. Thinh, Financial Director – Medilatec Hospital
Ms. Chi, Director - Vietnam Rubber Group
"Frequent fly from Saigon - Hanoi and the long trip makes me really tired, now I only need to sit in the office, turn on the device can chat with the partner in Far away, I just leave the office when really needed " Ms. Chi, Director - Vietnam Rubber Group Ms. Chi, Director - Vietnam Rubber Group