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HCM: 60 D Street, Lakeview City Area, An Phu Wards, Thu Duc City.
Ha Noi: 76/93 Hoang Van Thai, Thanh Xuan
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About Bao An Telecom

About Bao An Telecom

Bao An Telecommunications Technical Services Company Limited was established in May 2011 by people with extensive experience in the field of communication technology. With more than 5 years of establishment and development, with appropriate strategies combined with the solidarity and effort of the whole company, Bao An has been evaluated by many domestic and foreign customers, partners and partners. high.

Accordingly, Bao An Telecom brand is increasingly affirmed firmly and prestige in the videoconference market in Vietnam, positioned in the minds of customers as a leader in providing High-quality video conferencing technology in all areas of life.

Thanks to the trust and support of our customers in recent years, Bao An company is constantly focused on developing comprehensive solutions for our partners and bringing more high quality products with the lowest price. As the best service for customers.


Bao An Telecom has a team of professional and experienced staff in the field of telecommunication technology. We are always ready to provide you with honest, qualified and professional technical support, with the goal of meeting the needs of our customers in a complete manner as well as our commitment to bring more benefits to our customers.

Core Value of Bao An TelecomCORE VALUES


With the desire of leading the same strategy of investment and sustainable development, Bao An Telecom strives to become the No.1 company in the field of telecommunication technology in general and the field of video conferencing solutions in particular. Developing a range of solutions and services of good quality to meet the needs of consumers as well as raising the position of the Vietnamese market on the international arena.


• Providing collaborative communication technology solutions for businesses that can both save costs and improve operational efficiency.
• Provide the best video conferencing products and services at the lowest possible price.


• Always put the credit in the top position, making every effort to ensure the commitment of product quality - service and progress with the customer.
• Put the interests and desires of our customers first, so we are constantly striving to bring the best products and services to our customers, taking customer satisfaction as a measure of success. Public company.


Field work of Bao An Telecom

1. Video conferencing

Bao An Telecom is committed to providing our customers with the best online video conferencing solutions. We are always credited as the foundation of success and look forward to cooperating firmly with businesses.

2. Videowall

Deploy high-end monolithic display solutions from many well-known brands. Meet all needs for retail stores, lobbyists, museums, restaurants, stadiums, meeting rooms, broadcast centers, banks, customer service points, control rooms, ...

3. Interactive device

Provides a wide variety of smart interactive devices including touch pens and interactive displays. Applied in all fields of life such as education, business, health care ...