HCM: 0918.325.086
Ha Noi: 0911.527.086
HCM: 60 D Street, Lakeview City Area, An Phu Wards, Thu Duc City.
Ha Noi: 76/93 Hoang Van Thai, Thanh Xuan
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Bao An Telecom recruitmentWith the need to expand the hottest market across Vietnam, bringing businesses and organizations the most advanced communications technology, we welcome highly motivated candidates to the field. This participates in the "great family" of Bao An Telecom. People are the key factors leading to the success of the company, so we always give you the best working environment and attractive competitive compensation policies.


Special training

Before starting work, you will be trained in the basic knowledge and expertise of the product: Classification, description, specifications, application ... Through the training, you not only It will improve the skills needed for the current job, but also be able to develop yourself, become a "specialist" in the future of Bao An Telecom.

Clear career orientation

After 1 to 2 months of successful work, you will become a full member of the "big family" of Bao'an. We always take your aspirations and abilities to guide your personal development and development in the future with a clear road map.

Attractive salary and benefits

As an employee of Bao An, you will receive attractive starting salaries along with salary, bonus and insurance policies in accordance with state regulations. Considering your contribution to the development of the company, you will enjoy more attractive treatment regimes. Because we understand that it is inevitable that you will improve your life and loved ones.