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The Avaya B179 is a versatile SIP-based conference phone with high-quality audio and a multi-directional microphone. This phone is best suited for boardrooms and large conference rooms with groups larger than 10 people and is perfect for companies that require IP voice services.
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Provides an excellent audio conferencing solution

The Avaya B179 is a versatile SIP-based conference phone with high-quality audio and a multi-directional microphone. This phone is best suited for boardrooms and large conference rooms with groups larger than 10 people and is perfect for companies that require IP voice services.

The Avaya B179 is a versatile SIP-based conference phone

- Omnisound® 2.0 audio technology and omnidirectional microphone
- The smart features include record calls and storage on SD memory cards
- Make pre-programmed group calls
- Import and export contact information through the web interface
- Compatible with extended microphones, external wireless headsets, and PA systems
- The guide allows you to set up group calls with just one button
- SD memory card to record your meetings and conference calls for playback or storage for later use - SD memory support up to 2GB
IP-based robust integration with Avaya Aura as well as third-party networks
- LCD screen is illuminated -128 x 64px

About the Avaya conference phone device

Avaya is one of the leading voice conferencing providers in the world and has many years of experience in technology. The Avaya company's products are specialized in enterprise telecommunications equipment, videoconferencing and IP conferencing solutions and customer service center.

With more than 18,000 global employees, fast customer support, from the very beginning Avaya audio conferencing technology is more popular in their market. The picture and video quality is very good, ensuring the meeting process is most convenient.

Improve work efficiency

Depending on demand and cost, customers have more choices with Avaya voice conferencing products. Simple, professional, long-term solution with smart voice and productivity features for the private office as well as small and medium meeting rooms.

Conference phone is the solution for connecting the head office head office with branches at the same time creating a multi-party audio conference. Leaders, employees instead of calling each other or waiting for a formal meeting to discuss the issue. So right now, they can sit in their office and exchange information and solve problems with people at the same time. This does not waste both time and money, limiting the risk that attendees can not reach the meeting.

Avaya B179 improves work efficiency

The Avaya B159 conference phone is of high quality, delivering the fastest audio signal transmission, delivering a better user experience.

Crystal Clear Sound: Omnisound® audio technology provides clear transmission in meetings - so you and your team do not miss any part of the discussion. Full duplex transmit and receive audio simultaneously to prevent audio cropping; 360 ° surround sound as well as loudspeaker capacity optimize the sound pick-up and broadcast. The noise suppression filter cuts around the static noise and an equalizer allows you to adjust the altitude to suit your preferences.

The Avaya B159 in particular and the Avaya online audio conferencing product lines generally offer high noise filtering capabilities for clearer, clearer audio. In addition, this product range offers enhanced surround sound, better fit for various meeting room sizes from office space to large hall spaces.

With Avaya OmniSound ™ technology for high quality HD audio for everyone on the call, a color touch screen display, touch sensitive controls.

In addition, the Avaya B159 has the ability to host meeting content easily, for both video conferencing and audio. Just insert the SD memory card into the device so that you can store and share the meeting as a video or audio file.

Furthermore, the Avaya B179 conference phone has the option of adding additional microphones, extending its range to 750 sq ft as well as the number of participants. Can create up to 4 user profiles for personal details and settings, and the phone book feature allows up to 1000 entries for each profile, 20 groups of calls and support for an external directory. LDAP. Keyboard and fixed function keys including mute, hold, volume up, 5 buttons for menu navigation, directory and conference instructions provide a familiar user interface for increased productivity of job.


Save time and money. Deeply develop relationships. Increase productivity. Reduce CO2 emissions and preserve our green lungs by using audio conferencing online instead of today's travel business.
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