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For the first time in Vietnam - the all-in-one DVC130 video conferencing machine - the latest AVer product line is designed to be extremely professional and easy-to-use desktop model.
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For the first time in Vietnam - the all-in-one DVC130 video conferencing machine - the latest AVer product line is designed to be extremely professional and easy-to-use desktop model.

AVer DVC130 Desktop Video Conferencing

What is Desktop Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing through desktop is a form of video teleconferencing where all the hardware and software platform components are all contained within a desktop computer. Instead of having a conference room equipped with a dedicated camera and monitor, the desktop system provides the full video conferencing capability that fits into the typical office environment.

As you know, online meetings are held to facilitate face-to-face communication between two or more people at different locations. The video conferencing platform has been limited by technology. To provide high quality images and sound, large screens and expensive cameras must be installed in the meeting room. Participants will have to arrange their meetings at well-equipped video conferencing centers. However, today's powerful processors and high-definition video display technology for desktop computers are sold in very low cost markets. Therefore, direct contact with desktop video systems enhances the efficiency of the online meetings experience best.

Besides, for those who are busy, time is a valuable asset. So, the essentials are available, such as touch screen controls, multiple point connections and useful video conferencing options that will save you a lot of time and money. The ability to create a meeting with team members or with the main customer is the greatest benefit that this type of online meeting brings through the desktop.

Although, the cost of desktop systems is often lower than the cost of using dedicated video conferencing facilities, you also need to consider the requirements carefully when evaluating them.

The following are typical elements:

• High definition video (1080p, 30fps)
• Audio CD quality
• Touch screen
• Collaboration tools for adding notes and highlighting on the screen

With other features and competition, desktop video conferencing gives users a powerful option that is applicable to any business. Because of this, AVer DVC130 has become the perfect choice for everyone. AVer is committed to delivering the most authentic and professional experience ever with integrated cameras, microphones, speakers, and a 23-inch multi-touch screen interface. point.

The only features available only in Aver DVC130

Integrated 3 data string applications

AVer DVC130 Integrated 3 data string applications

Sharing and receiving important files when the conference takes place is an important factor in assessing the effectiveness of communication. Unlike other products on the market, with DVC130, users do not have much time to download data sharing applications to their computers and install them because the system has built-in conferencing software. The picture includes EZMeetup and Skype for business.

In addition, the AVer DVC130 can receive and share any file, image or video from Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox, providing an unlimited collaborative communication solution right on the desktop. you.

Automatic Replies

With this special feature, you will definitely not miss any call even if you can not answer by hand.

Record and store data directly

Improved than one touch recording of the previous EVC series, the DVC130 helps users save video, images directly to their hard drive instead of USB, and can be played back easily on the device.

Interactive multi-touch screen

AVer DVC130 has Interactive multi-touch screen

Today, interactive screens are one of the most popular tools used in all areas of life for the convenience it offers, such as time and cost savings, ease of use and shipping. Therefore, the AVer DVC130's simple operation experience with the touch screen is a smart choice. In addition to its user-friendly interface, the DVC130 also offers 10 simultaneous touch points, allowing multiple people to interact at the same time for easy access to system functions and high productivity.

In summary, the AVer DVC130 desktop video conferencing machine is an all-in-one device that fully integrates the functions that an online meeting system needs. An ideal solution for any office, the DVC130 desk desk is a professional meeting environment.


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