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The AVer MCUsystem 24 includes a management server, multiple "MCU-24" point controllers, MCUplayer software and "MCU Desktop" and MCU WebRTC systems. Compliance with the requirements of centralized management and adaptation to the rapid development of enterprises.
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The AVer MCUsystem 24 includes a management server, multiple "MCU-24" point controllers, MCUplayer software and "MCU Desktop" and MCU WebRTC systems. Compliance with the requirements of centralized management and adaptation to the rapid development of enterprises.

Aver MCUsystem 24 video conferencing equipment

About the MCUsystem 24 video conferencing equipment

AVer MCUsystem 24 is a product line that integrates with H.323 and SIP, and its standards are approved by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). They operate in an open network architecture for serving small and medium enterprises (SMEs), such as point-to-multipoint or point-to-point conferences.

MCUsystem 24 systems are available for branch offices around the world to quickly and efficiently solve problems and save time and money. At the same time, the system allows businesses to make timely and accurate decisions by inviting many people to attend virtual conferences and face-to-face communication.

The application of MCUsystem 24 video conferencing equipment

For enterprises: Multi-point video conferencing MCUsystem 24 support for different types of offices, allowing users to collaborate, monitoring of production facilities and the environment, remote referrals to customers In the field of technology / business, enhanced customer service, multi-party telemarketing negotiations, virtual showrooms and distance learning.

MCUsystem 24 videoconferencing enables enterprises to communicate across different divisions, collaborate, monitor or remotely introduce, visualize consulting and service centers, distance education and advertising campaigns. video.

In the field of education: videoconferencing equipment has brought many benefits in the field of education and training such as virtual classes, distance teaching for students as well as student events. For parents, remote examinations, face-to-face communication for the student's family, remote assistance for students, and on-campus supervision.

System component

MCUsystem 24 systems include a management server, multiple "MCU-24" point controllers, MCUplayer software and MCU Desktop and MCR WebRTC systems. Terminals for phone conferencing such as LifeSize, Aver, Polycom, Sony, Cisco and Avaya.

Compatible with any terminal product in accordance with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) protocol, this system is flexible and scalable, capable of responding to centralized management requirements and Adapting to the rapid development of businesses.

MCU management system

The MCU management system is the server management system MCU. It is responsible for managing all endpoints and multi-point controllers, with a web-based interface for system administrators.

• User management
• Account Management
• Manage user groups
• Multi Point Management
• Concentrate management interface for multimedia phone services (eg conference, phone call and status display).

MCUsystem 24

The MCU-24 is a multipoint controller of the MCU system

The MCU-24 is a multipoint controller of the MCU system, responsible for multi-point conferencing.

• Simultaneous support for multiple virtual conference rooms
• Supports up to 812/16/20/24 concurrent or multiple terminals to join the conference
• Conversational Mix: All audio speeches for conference rooms facilitated
• for discussions
• Conversation switching: automatic switching of the loudspeaker
• Full screen display, flexible in switching between single frame and multiple frames; The ability to repair the position of the terminal image
• Managing conferences under the MCU management system
• Display information such as the attendee's name
• Joint speed: Terminals operate at different speeds to participate in the conference
• Transcoding: support of endpoints using different video / audio encodings to participate in seminars and support the best operation of the terminal.

Advantages of MCUsystem 24 video conferencing equipment

Unlike centralized architecture in traditional telecoms networks, the expansion of the Internet architecture will remain the focus of IP-based video conferencing over the next few years. In response to this trend, the MCUsystem 24 system was developed to serve as a video conferencing platform for businesses. Unlike cost competitive and high quality video transmission services, the MCU system boasts the following advantages:

• Easy to install: plug-and-play
• Simple operation: Conferencing equipment works intelligently by reducing instructional procedures.
• Interoperability and extensibility: Compatibility with other H.323 compliant terminals (eg Microsoft NetMeeting) and conference terminals such as LifeSize, Aver, Polycom, Sony, Cisco. , Avaya, cinema, SIP phone and APP SIP video conferencing software
• Distribution system: scalability to expand as development companies
• Centralized management and web-based graphical interface to reduce maintenance costs
• High reliability to meet user needs
• Supports remote upgrade via FTP to protect your investment
• Simple procedure to quickly restore the system in the event of a malfunction
• Security: Core development technology with complete intellectual property, ensuring no "backdoors".


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