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Online meeting room equipment with brand names is increasingly popular in different sectors. And in 2017, AVer has launched a new product of the most powerful new quality ever, which is the AVer SVC500 - in the SVC "orbit" series of AVer.
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Online meeting room equipment with brand names is increasingly popular in different sectors. And in 2017, AVer has launched a new product of the most powerful new quality ever, which is the AVer SVC500 - in the SVC "orbit" series of AVer.

AVer SVC500 Multipoint video conference

6 Point Full HD Online Meeting Room Equipment

As a top-of-the-line product, this multipoint video conferene device provides up to six bridges, and is capable of upgrading to 16 bridges at the same time. The best resolution up to Full HD 1080p per bridge. Previous product lines really did not match the new AVer SVC500. This is a super technological product from AVer.

AVer SVC500's camera

The SVC500's camera is an upgraded and better eCam PTZ III that makes clearer and clearer images. With 2-megapixel CMOS sensor, 72 ° FOV (H); 43 ° FOV (V); 82 ° FOV (diagonal) and a total zoom lens of 18X, which makes it easy for the user to zoom in on even the smallest details in every frame. The camera can easily rotate right at an angle of ± 110 °. Special feature allows when you are moving while speaking, the camera will rotate in your direction for the best recording.

AVer SVC luxury design

AVer SVC500 with luxury design

We still know AVer with the product design is simple and subtle. But with this new online meeting facility, the slider camera along with the chic metal frame. Future-oriented design, metal logo and many more highlights. The suite will be more beautiful for conference rooms, high-level meeting rooms and bring the most convenience for the user.

The synergy from SIP, H.323, Skype is surprisingly effective

It is said that this is the multipoint video conferencing. AVer has the best features in the same device, allowing enterprise customers to easily use and better match the application to video conferencing. The solution is built for Microsoft Lync 2013, Skype for Business 2015, mixed protocols for H.323, SIP, or the current popular Skype for Business application. Network bandwidth meets well in the 64Kbps ~ 4Mbps range. Ensuring a seamless connection keeps meetings online better and error free.

Excellent picture and sound quality

The AVer SVC500 delivers super-sharp image quality with video resolution up to Full HD 1080p at 60 frames per second. In addition, when rendering the content of documents on the screen, the resolution is still achieved Full HD, to better meet the needs of customers.

With two HDMI ports, a second camera may be present during a meeting. In addition, the ability to display two monitors is also one of the useful features of this product.

Sound capability is also a plus point in the AVer SVC500, a dedicated microphone with automatic sound control, noise reduction, echo resonance efficiency.

Features and benefits of the AVer SVC500

Features and benefits of the AVer SVC500

Aver's 22-language user interface makes it easier to use the device for each country. Businesses can be completely reassured, as the SVC500 is equipped with professional security features such as advanced AES encryption, password security for remote system management, live monitoring, and more.

Besides, as a genuine online meeting device from AVer, the SVC500 is always up to date with software or applications that are available free of charge. Video recording function, offline recording or screen layout during playback, ...

The AVer SVC500 online meeting room kit includes:

- Codec (main system unit)
- Camera eCam PTZ III
- Microphone SVC
- IR remote use battery
- Electricity supply
- Dedicated cables
- User manuals


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