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The AVer VC322 is a dedicated video conference camera for small meeting rooms of up to 6 people. VC322 fully meet the requirements of customers: cheap, quality 4K super clear, easy to use. Just connect to your PC and experience an advanced, professional online meeting.
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The AVer VC322 is the lasted conference camera product of AVer, which promises to meet the needs of both quality and cost. AVer VC322 is a dedicated video conferencing camera for small meeting rooms. A set of cameras, speakers, controls and cables included.

Just plug in the AVer VC322 USB cable to your computer and start experiencing any of your familiar video conferencing and cloud services.

What makes the VC322 the perfect choice for small meeting rooms?

AVer VC322 has a very compact design

Compact design

AVer VC322 has a very compact design, convenient for moving. No more cumbersome in the connection, with the Plug-and-Play feature, the VC322 only needs 1 USB cable to connect to the PC, giving you neatness in your workspace.

Camera 4K PTZ

Camera 4K PTZ of AVer VC322

The AVer VC322 breaks the expectations that what a USB camera can do. The improved VC322 over conventional conferencing cameras is up to 4K (four times Full HD 1080P) resolution, delivering crisp, vibrant video quality. a more advanced experience.

AVer VC322 with the widest viewing angle of 82 °

Another remarkable improvement on the VC322's camera is the viewing angle. As in the previous series of camera conferencing with the widest viewing angle of 82 ° (AVer VC520), the VC322 has been upgraded to 85 °, ensuring complete coverage of attendees in the room, AVer VC322. Optimal choice for small meeting rooms of about 6 people.

Powerful 360 ° speakerphone

The speakers come with the compact AVer VC322

The speakers come with the compact AVer VC322 but the performance is extremely powerful. Unique design of the speaker for 360 ° multi-dimensional transceiver. Built-in mono microphone ensures that everyone hears the best sound and with a 6 meter diameter audio reception, it completely optimizes your meeting experience.

Compatible with most online meeting applications

AVer VC322 Compatible with most online meeting applications

Use AVer VC322 with the most popular software such as Skype, Skype for Business, V-CUBE, Google Hangout, FaceTime, Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect, BlueJeans, Zoom, Vidyo, Fuze, WebRTC. VC322 will turn your software conference into a professional video conferencing display on the big screen of the TV, projector with true vivid sound.


AVer VC322 is designed for the small and medium business segment. The VC322 is a low-cost video conferencing camera that is extremely well-rounded and affordable to meet the budget of every company. Investing in the AV32 VC322 is a cost-effective and cost-effective option for the job.


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