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In order to meet the needs of online meetings with a group of about six people becoming each bridge, Aver has launched the AVer VC520 online video conferencing camera with high-definition video capture capability, producing high quality video. And clear sound with minimum settings.
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In order to meet the needs of online meetings with a group of about six people becoming each bridge, Aver has launched the AVer VC520 conference camera with high-definition video capture capability, producing high quality video. And clear sound with minimum settings.

Years ago, most businesses were limited to investing in building online conferencing systems for large conference rooms. The main cause is the requirement for compatible support infrastructure at each site and often requires complex solutions, so the investment budget is very high, which can amount to several thousand dollars.

In the last couple of years, there have been a number of products being marketed to address the need for SMB video conferencing. Not only are software enhancements made, but manufacturers are also improving. Creates high quality hardware components at lower cost. In particular, the AVer manufacturer and developer in Taiwan is one of the leaders in this trend.

AVer VC520 conference camera with high-definition video capture capability

AVer VC520 - The perfect online video conference camera

Most TV conferences with a single static camera make people sitting at the edges appear dim or out of sight of the viewer. From there, the interaction also decreases, especially when one must use the table or screen.

To avoid this problem, AVer has researched and created a mechanical camera that can rotate in any direction needed.

AVer VC520  with precision 12x optical zoom

This is seen as a miniature NASA telescope that can focus correctly with precision 12x optical zoom. In particular, users can control the AVer VC520 remotely by remote or download free mobile applications available for both iOS and Android.

 AVer VC520 Online video conference camera with 10 presets

One of the great advantages of the AVer VC520 online video conference camera is to make the meeting smoother, smoother by setting up 10 important points before the meeting starts. Therefore, it automatically zooms in on important areas or objects such as the chair, a board, a podium or a table top. The camera's operation engine is quick and quiet, easily rotated through the presets, and uses less than three seconds to swing positions in the room.

Through experimentation and comparison with other conference cameras, we clearly see the difference in sharpness of the image, completely without blur. More than that, the viewer can read each word literally on a piece of paper glued over a wall 20 feet from the camera.

Built-in speaker and microphone

AVer VC520 with Built-in speaker and microphone

With the AVer VC520, the built-in speakerphone is integrated with a full duplex microphone to provide a more compact meeting room, but the sound quality is not inferior to other product lines. Accordingly, the VC520 will collect audio from the speakers and three directional microphones, whether within 15 feet or more, are heard clearly.

For larger rooms, users can add a second speaker. The AVer VC520 will synchronize two phones, eliminating annoying echoes.

Flexible mobility features

Another benefit for those who choose this professional online video conferencing system is its portability. You can take it wherever you want. Set up extremely simple, just plug the camera and speaker into a small center, then plug in the power. Get a USB cable to connect the device to your desktop or laptop. All ready in 1 minute.

Our experiment

Test AVer VC520 conference camera

We conducted an online meeting, invited 12 participants to test how VC520 works in a large conference setting. To control the camera, we downloaded AVer's free pan-tilt-zoom video conferencing app (download the app: Through this application, we access controls such as balance of brightness and sharpness, ability to flip or image reflection ...

With the remote control, we set up ten points in front of the room, which is located along a conference table, a billboard and a large flat-screen monitor.

When the meeting started, we turned the camera to each other as they talked using the remote control. In addition, we also use predefined locations, including a collection for people on the screen and one on the whiteboard. Indeed, the VC520 takes less than 3 seconds to rotate and focus on the necessary points.

If someone unexpectedly said that they were out of the preset positions - for example, when they came in from the conference room door - we zoomed in on their image using the control arrows on the controls. Remotely or in the app. This function has demonstrated how professional in the operation and organization of the camera system online conference AVer.


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