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Crestron Mercury is not only a video conferencing device but also an excellent conference phone device, capable of multimedia presentations and BYOD collaboration on the web. Easy to deploy, easy to use and easy to manage in any room space of any size.
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Crestron Mercury is easy to deploy, easy to use and easy to manage in any room space of any size. Affordability makes this device become a smart choice for organizations and businesses.

Crestron Mercury is not only a videoconferencing device but also an excellent conference phone device, capable of multimedia presentations and BYOD collaboration on the web. By combining all of the conference features needed in an easy-to-use console, Crestron Mercury lets people work together and share content anywhere. Full-duplex audio and HD video provide a great meeting experience for the participants. 

Crestron Mercury is a conference phone

Crestron Mercury is a conference phone

  • Dialing and answering calls is easy and intuitive using the full HD touch screen. The full featured VoIP phone is fully compatible with standard SIP phone systems. Advanced design with full-duplex audio technology to help participants communicate clearly.
  • Join Crestron Mercury with any cell phone that uses Bluetooth® to make calls or join in-progress calls. Crestron Mercury instantly transforms a personal phone call into a full-blown audio conference with no noise, volume control, mute, and caller ID display on the screen. touch screen. Bluetooth-enabled phones appear automatically on the touch screen, allowing instant connectivity with just one click.
  • Connect your laptop via USB to enhance audio performance for any calling software application running on your laptop.
  • Turn off the microphone quickly by simply touching the mute bar on top of the Mercury Crestron device. The two-color, two-color indicator provides clear mic and mute status for the entire room.

BYOD multimedia presentation

BYOD multimedia presentation by Crestron Mercury

  • Connecting the HD display device to the Crestron Mercury's HDMI® output allows for easy presentation of all types of multimedia from mobile device sources.
  • Built-in AirMedia® port enables sharing of wireless content from laptops, smartphones or tablets via in-room Wi-Fi® networks. Wired LAN connections are also supported.
  • Any AV source can be plugged in via HDMI to display Full HD 1080p images, with true sound through Crestron Mercury's premium speakers. DisplayPort or USB Type-C ™ output sources can also be connected using an optional Multihead HD Video cable.
  • The Crestron Mercury conference phone works just like any USB Audio device, allowing it to be used as a speaker or microphone for all types of multimedia applications running on laptops.

Video conferencing and Web collaboration

Hội nghị truyền hình với Crestron Mercury

  • Crestron Mercury can turn any space into a video conferencing room by simply connecting a Skype® for Business laptop, Cisco WebEx®, GotoMeeting®, Slack® or a web conferencing application, or Other UC.
  • Connect your laptop via USB and Crestron Mercury provides outstanding sound along with high definition viewing through the included USB camera.
  • To share content with remote participants, connect the HDMI output of your laptop (or DisplayPort or USB Type-C via the optional Multihead cable) to allow the entire room to view content and images on the main screen.

Sound quality

Crestron Mercury's advanced design facilitates perfect natural conversations with sound fidelity and pickup. Its 360 ° microphone captures the voice in every sitting position at the table. High-end speakers, offering full, rich and authentic sound. TrueVoice ™ AEC technology achieves full-duplex transparent performance without interference or noise. Broadband audio codec support enables full, two-way audio streaming.

Color touch screen HD

Crestron Mercury's large touch screen

Crestron Mercury's large touch screen makes it easy to use, whether it is dialing or answering a call, finding contacts, managing a calendar, or connecting and controlling a device. motion. Color user interface provides fast access and intuitive operation, providing a consistent user experience across rooms.

Integration work

Crestron Mercury connects directly to Microsoft Exchange or Crestron Fusion for easy meeting scheduling. Integrated graphics tools create a screen display on the screen and simple instructions to start a meeting.

The Crestron® PinPoint ™ application

The Crestron® PinPoint ™ application can be used to locate and reserve any room available. When you enter the room, the built-in PinPoint flashlight detects your presence and provides feedback options and personal connectivity options on your mobile device, allowing you to instantly start the presentation. presented.

Crestron Mercury also detects room occupations using motion and voice recognition. Its built-in infrared sensor senses when someone is in front of the touch screen, and then voice activity is used to maintain the occupancy status of the room as long as anyone in the parlor. This feature offers many benefits, such as automating the system to reduce power when all parties leave the room, or make rooms available on the calendar if no one appears for a meeting under schedule.

Management and security

Management and security of Crestron Mercury

Crestron Mercury is a device that combines video conferencing and enterprise-class conference calling, which is ideally equipped for mass deployment in corporate, university, medical, military facilities. or government agency. Managed Crestron Fusion allows tracking and recording of room and equipment usage, as well as centralized assistance. Enhanced security features include 802.1x authentication, Active Directory certificate management, LDAP directory management, SRTP, SSH, TLS and HTTPS. Dual-port LANs allow VoIP or AirMedia traffic to be isolated on a secondary network, and 802.3at PoE + compatibility allows Crestron Mercury to be provisioned over a primary LAN connection.

Feature Summary:

  • Full SIP conference speakerphone
  • Connect your Bluetooth® to your mobile phone
  • USB connection for web conferencing laptops or other software
  • Zoom mode
  • High-definition USB camera
  • AirMedia® BYOD wireless projection capability
  • HDMI® port for full HD video sources
  • DisplayPort and USB-C ™ via optional Multihead cable (sold separately)
  • HDMI output for room display
  • Full-duplex audio performance, 2-way broadband voice quality
  • Built-in 360 ° microphone
  • TrueVoice ™ AEC technology by Limes Audio
  • Additional microphones are available for additional coverage
  • Touch screen HD HD 7 "(178 mm)
  • Unified and intuitive user interface
  • Access LDAP directory
  • Built-in Microsoft® Exchange, Crestron Fusion® and PinPoint ™ applications
  • Built-in PinPoint flashlight
  • Built-in room scheduler, PIR guest room
  • Customized welcome screen on the room screen
  • Cloud based provisioning
  • Configure the web browser
  • Enterprise-level security
  • Dual LAN port
  • PoE + or AC power cord
  • Package power 100-240V
  • CEC, IR, or RS-232 display control
  • Optional display and camera extension solutions available

Connection diagrams:

Connection diagrams of Crestron Mercury


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