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LifeSize Express 220 helps people interact successfully through a distance to see facial expressions, body language and gestures that make them feel more connected and closer together. And like all the products in the LifeSize 220 Series, the Lifesize Express line of video conferencing features many outstanding and essential features for a day-to-day meeting.
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Are you in need of upgrading your personal or workgroup communication system?

Are you learning about alternative video conferencing equipment for traditional communication?

Do you need a cost-effective and scalable solution when needed?

Bao An Telecom would like to introduce to businesses and organizations operating in Vietnam the ideal online TV series with Full HD picture quality - LifeSize Express 220.

 LifeSize Express 220 video conference equipment

Why choose Lifesize Express 220 video conferencing equipment

LifeSize Express 220 helps people interact successfully through a distance to see facial expressions, body language and gestures that make them feel more connected and closer together. And like all the products in the LifeSize 220 Series, the Lifesize Express video conferencing suite features the following:

• Highest video resolution of 1080p30 on the market
• Bandwidth and performance are the highest ever
• Motion control compatible with bug fixes
• Direct broadcast and record of point-to-point calls
• HD picture quality
• Simple setup
• Connect groups easily
• Based on standards
• 1920x1080-30fps
• 1280x720-60fps
• Multiple HD displays, supporting up to two HD displays
• Camera pan-tilt-zoom
• Manage HD Video & Audio
• Control video, audio and data sharing with LifeSize's touch screen interface. Phone, 2nd Generation
• Point-to-point calls or multi-point calls

Lifesize phone description

Lifesize phone description

The perfect combination of LifeSize®, 2nd Generation, LifeSize® 10x ™ and LifeSize® Digital MicPod ™ gives you the most complete video conferencing solution available today.

The Lifesize Express 220 phone controls both HD video and audio mix at your fingertips. The phone has a very intuitive touch screen interface that anyone can use. Sure, anyone will be attracted by this unique technology.

Users can share content, control camera, change layout, add callers and do more easily. When you collaborate over video, video conferencing technology should be so intuitive to bring a sense of nature when in use.

Lifesize Express 220 possesses high quality audio technology

The simplicity of the touch screen combines with superior sound quality to provide a more attractive video communication experience and more effective video calls. Advanced microphone navigation technology places the speaker and reduces background noise. In addition, the Lifesize Express 220 phone responds to the frequencies achieved through a powerful speaker driver, surround sound suspension, reduces distortion and makes voice and conversation resemble true sound. life. That means everyone in the conference room can not miss any important information.


Lifesize Digital MicPod - The video conference microphone delivers crystal clear sound even when operating in the largest collaborative space. Systems up to two MicPods are supported per device, and each MicPod requires its own link connection. This advanced conferencing device completely transforms your communication system to a new level.

In addition to the 48 kHz professional sound sampling rate, the Lifesize Digital MicPod reduces ambient noise and its beam-generating technology automatically guides its three microphones to the speaker for a clearer voice.

The "Mute" button is responsive and the "Mute" and "In-Call" LEDs light up the user-friendly features that make Lifesize Digital MicPod a smart choice for organizations needing. Extend the range of the Lifesize HD phone or the second generation Lifesize phone.

Camera Lifesize 10x

Camera Lifesize 10x

The Lifesize Express 220 video conferencing device possesses a 10x camera with the highest zoom capability for any size of office, conference room, center or auditorium where Full HD video is maintained at all distances. For enhanced clarity and versatile use, the Lifesize 10x camera creates immersive imagery in any lighting conditions including low light environments such as a meeting room or large university lecture hall. 


Save time and money. Deeply develop relationships. Increase productivity. Reduce CO2 emissions and keep our green lungs in place by using video conferencing equipment instead of the travel business today.
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