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Lifesize Room 220

The Lifesize Room 220 is a standard-based online meeting equipment that brings you the most natural experience with up to 1080p30 and 720p60 video resolutions for the best in low-latency motion processing. Users can actively share content when needed, control camera and layout remotely, and add callers easily by combining Room 220's excellent with Lifesize Cloud, LifeSize Phone , Lifesize 10x camera, and Lifesize Digital MicPod.
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The Lifesize Room 220 is a standard-based online meeting set that brings you the most natural experience with up to 1080p30 and 720p60 video resolutions for the best in low-latency motion processing.

The Lifesize Room 220 online meeting

The Lifesize Room 220 online meeting equipment is a borderless experience

You can see that the difference of Lifesize in general and Lifesize Room 220 in particular is that of a non-boundary experience - high-end video communications across cities, states and continents.

Just like Lifesize's other online meeting equipment, users can actively share content as needed, control camera and remote layouts, and add callers easily by combining them. Great Room 220 with Lifesize Cloud, LifeSize® Phone ™, Lifesize® 10x ™ Camera, and Lifesize® Digital MicPod ™. All bring you the most complete and user-friendly online conferencing solution available today.

With years of experience in consumer behavior research, Lifesize understands the value of simplicity and ease of use. From the very beginning of the design model to the launch of the worldwide video conferencing market, the Lifesize Room 220 is guaranteed to provide full interoperability with the system. Simple installation and easy-to-use interface.

In addition to technology, service and support, Lifesize requires the most distinctive quality and simplicity of use, making telecommuting a far more productive, life-like experience. And like all Lifesize products, the Lifesize Room 220 delivers unrivaled quality.

The outstanding features of Lifesize Room 220 online meeting equipment

Digital Input and Output (Digital Input / Output)

This is the Lifesize line of premium products - an ideal solution for large meetings and conference rooms. Lifesize Room 220 is capable of connecting up to 8 points at one time, better than the Lifesize Room 200, which only connects about 6 bridges. In addition, the system is fully designed with transcoder and digital I / O (Digital I / O is short for Digital Input and Output). Digital input allows the control of logic status detection and digital output allowing the output logic output probe control. Each digital I / O on a Labjack can be configured separately for one of three states: input, high output, or low output.

• Digital Input: A digital input detects if a voltage is above / below a specific threshold. If the voltage is higher than some value, the computer will detect the high digital input / set / 1. If the voltage is lower than some value, the computer will detect the input carefully. Low / clear number / 0.

• Digital Output: Allows you to control the voltage with a computer. If the computer indicates the output is high, the output will generate a voltage (usually around 5 or 3.3 volts). If the computer indicates the output is low, it is connected to the ground and does not generate voltage.


For connection bandwidth, this Lifesize online meeting suite allows point-to-point connections with a maximum bandwidth of 8 Mbps. However, to achieve full resolution HD1080p30 users only need 1.7M, while only 768K bandwidth, the video is output with a resolution of 720p30.

Key features of Lifesize Room 220

• High performance, low bandwidth
• Motion control adaptation to bug fixes
• Streaming and data storage for point to point and multipoint calls (Lifesize Video Center required UVC)

Composition of LifeSize Room 220

• LifeSize Room 220 Codec
• Cable
O (1) 2-meter power supply decoder
O (1) 1 meter wire codec
O (1) 3-meter HDMI-HDMI cable
O (1) 3-meter DVI-I with HDMI cable
O (1) 3-meter DVI-I with VGA cable (to connect to a laptop)
O (1) 3-meter PSTN telephone cable
• Remote control
O (3) AAA pin
• Documentation CD
• Quick Guide

Physical Specifications Lifesize Room 220:

• Maximum resolution: 1080p - 1920x1080
• Maximum bandwidth: 8.0Mbps
• Video input: 6 - Main (HD camera), 2x HDMI (HD Video), DVI-I (HDMI / VGA enabled), Component or Composite, S-Video
• Video output: 2 - HDMI (1080p30 / 720p60), DVI-I (1080p30 / 720p60)
8 x 2 In Line In (3.5mm), Mic In (3.5mm), Lifesize 2nd generation phone (RJ-45), Embedded in 2x HD Video Print, HD & DVI-I camera
• Audio output: 4 - Stereo Line Out (3.5mm), Lifesize 2nd generation phone (RJ-45), embedded HD Video Out & DVI-I Out
• Shared content resolution: 1280x1024, 1280x768, 1280x720,1024x768, 800x600, 640x480
• Number of monitors: 2 (via HDMI port)
• Camera choice: Lifesize 10x Camera
• Optional microphone: 2nd generation Lifesize phone (up to two digital MicPods - optional); Lifesize MicPod or Dual Lifesize MicPods
• Multipoint: 8 points with 720p60, 720p30; 6 1080p30 simultaneous or Voice-Switched mode with transcoding
• POTS connection: Lifesize Room 220 Allows you to add callers directly to the conference


Save time and money. Deeply develop relationships. Increase productivity. Reduce CO2 emissions and preserve our green lungs by using online meeting equipment in place of the travel business today.
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