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MAXHUB UC S10 is a modern USB online meeting camera line that integrates with smart wireless sharing technology and easily works on many application platforms.
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MAXHUB UC S10 is an advanced USB online meeting camera line with flexible wireless sharing technology and is easy to operate on the android application platform or other software. This is the optimal solution for businesses, effectively serving online meeting solutions, wireless sharing quickly and conveniently.

Especially with this product line is designed in the form of a soundbar that integrates speakers and microphones on the same side, providing extremely good picture and sound quality.

Features of Bluetooth Camera MAXHUB UC S10

Sharp image quality

maxhub camera

Thanks to the use of a Sony camera lens with the latest technology, the product produces smooth images and video colors of up to 4K. In addition, integrated with automatic brightness balance, reducing ambient light noise to provide the best user experience.

Support wide viewing angle

Support wide viewing angle of maxhub uc s10

With a wide viewing angle of up to 120 degrees and an up and down angle of 15 degrees with an anti-distortion of the two frames, 5x digital zoom helps to ensure that the entire meeting takes place. Moreover, this camera line also has the ability to set up 3 default memory locations and automatically detect faces and intelligently capture voice when joining a meeting (Auto-Frame).

Sound capture within 8m

Designed with 6 microphones, supports noise cancellation and can capture the speaker's sound within 8m, in an area of ​​​​180 degrees in front of the camera. This Maxhub online meeting camera product also integrates a speaker system on both sides with a capacity of 10W on each side to help deliver the most impressive sound effects.

Smart wireless sharing and control

Maxhub UC S10 is known to stand out from other cameras mainly thanks to its modern wireless sharing capabilities, easy connection, information sharing, and control through personal devices and ensuring concurrency. Receive shared signals from 04 different devices (04 separate data streams) to meet online and offline meetings.

Self-operated on android platform

In addition to specialized features, the MAXHUB camera can also act as a connection support device running independently on the Android platform without going through a computer and can install the necessary application software such as calling online. , read newspapers, Microsoft applications, .. to use. In addition, this camera is easy to connect and compatible with many application software.


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