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Compare online meetings via Skype and Skype for Business


Both Skype and Skype for Business applications are online meeting software provided by Microsoft, they have logos, colors and similar communication tools. Many people still cannot judge the difference between online meetings with Skype and Skype for Business and have difficulty choosing the right one. The following article will show you the main differences between these two versions and help you decide which is right for your business.


Number of users who can assist at the online meeting room


You only need to create an account to be able to use Skype and Skype for Business, they are all known for the ability to video call and video conferencing via the Internet, recently many online meeting software appears likes Vmeet, Zoom, Facetime ... All of them are free, downloadable on your phone or for pc, web but the most outstanding of which is still the best 2 skype versions.


Limiting the number of attendees is the biggest difference between these two versions. The regular version of Skype allows video conferencing with up to 25 free users. With Skype for Business, video conferencing can store up to 250 users, you can use it to stream up to 10,000 people online. This makes Skype for Business ideal for large-scale presentations, video conferences, and live webinars.


Tips for you to better use Skype


If the number of users joining more than 3 people right on your Skype call, you need to prepare these factors for the best call:


1. Sitting near the screen, your face facing the screen.

2. Use a microphone or headset.

3. When you are not talking, turn off the noise (use the Mute button).

4. Don't eat anything during the conference.

5. When you use audio, you can do anything else outside, but for Skype conferencing, you should focus on the screen, do not be distracted by external things.

6. Don't sit in a seat that has a rear window. A little bit of light on the outside can affect the image quality.

7. When you are talking, take more time to look at the camera, not just staring at the screen. You will have more honesty and professionalism.

8. Finally, when speaking, speak slowly and clearly. Nobody stole your words.


These are the best ways to help you have the best video conferencing meeting via Skype version.


Application integration for online meeting rooms


Skype for Business is more integrated with other Microsoft products than the free Skype version, all from its base in Lync. Mostly, Skype for Business when combined with video conferencing equipment, will be integrated into Office 365, allowing use with Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote. Users can also schedule Skype meetings through Outlook, which will send a custom link to guests directly participating in the meeting. But if you want to use more functions, you can buy directly from the Office to be more convenient at work.


To better understand the video conferencing systems, we have written a pretty detailed article on this concept.


The level of application integration in the Enterprise Edition scale depends on the package the company has registered. The most expensive options allow full use of all Office 365 software and applications, while the cheaper options reduce the applicability and software options.




Both versions of Skype have some built-in security measures, as well as active support from Microsoft. Skype encrypts all operations in both versions with a combination of AES and TLS encryption, but the Business version is more upgraded with enterprise-class security features.


Skype for Business is designed for companies, not consumers. That is why it includes an administrator assigning specific rights, such as who has access to which features. For example, small businesses with this version of Skype might decide that only salespeople can use it to make international calls instead of leaving the option open to all employees. Skype for Business conferencing software allows administrators to verify who is using program features.


This allows the company to see whether employees use it regularly and to ensure that the company is making the most of its Skype for Business license. Administrators can also deny access to someone who leaves the company to work elsewhere. This allows the company to maintain control of its confidential documents and communications.


One last small but useful security feature of the Business Skype version is log tracing, recording reports for failed user logins to show errors and step-by-step debugging processes for Skype. This allows the logon administrator to correct errors and potential security issues.



Skype and Skype for Business are both compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems and have applications for iOS and Android. They also have a web-based application, although the Skype for Business web application is primarily for online meetings and lacks many of the Enterprise Edition (like scheduling) functions.


The free online meeting version of Skype is more than the Business version in support of Linux operating systems and applications for Xbox One and Amazon Fire devices.

And Skype for Business provides more compatibility with hardware devices to enhance physical meeting rooms. For large organizations that often have dedicated conference rooms for video communication with affiliates or partners, Skype for Business is built specifically for this type of setup and will allow you to use additional cameras, devices, and more. Audio devices and independent monitors. This application is compatible with online meeting equipment of famous brands such as Polycom, AVer ... to make your meeting more professional and more quality.




The main advantage that Skype over Skype for Business is obviously that it is completely free. Anyone can download Skype and use it for instant messaging, video calling and free VoIP service. The only cost is for phone calls to non-Skype numbers, such as mobile phones and landlines.


Skype for Business is not as free as the consumer version, but it does have some features that are more appropriate for businesses. Current price ranges from $2 - $35/month/user. The cheapest packages do not include full integration with Office 365 and its software/applications.

How to delete a Skype for Business account

To delete a Skype for Business account in Office 365, first, go to the Office 365 Admin Portal, select Active Users and select the user in question. Then, click Edit below the Product Licenses. Next select Expand license type (E3, E5, etc.) and uncheck Skype for Business, then click Apply.


How to delete Skype for Business from a computer

Important: if you are using Office 365Skype for Business, you cannot remove it from your computer without having to uninstall the rest of the Office suite. This is because it is integrated with other Office applications. The following instructions are for customers who have independent versions of Skype for Business.



How to remove Skype for business as well as how to remove other applications:

Go to Control Panel> Programs> Programs and Features> Uninstall or change a program.

Select Skype for Business> Uninstall. If you do not see Skype for Business listed, then you are using a version integrated with other Office 365 applications. The only way to uninstall it is to remove all Office from your computer.


If you are an individual or a very small business and you do not meet online via Skype regularly, then the free version will be a great choice for you! However, here are three good reasons to think about switching to Skype for Business:

- You want better integration with Office 365

- You need more control and security over your company's contact information

- You want to organize large meetings, webinars or group presentations


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