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Coronavirus prevention with video conferencing equipment


Currently, the Coronavirus disease outbreaks are strong, with an extremely rapid rate of infection worldwide. In this situation, the application of 4.0 technology to countries, cities and organizations work together to proactively prevent and conduct anti-epidemic activities, including video conference equipment that is the first priority option.


General situation of the Coronavirus epidemic


This is a new respiratory virus that causes acute respiratory infections in humans. The virus originally originated from animal sources but has the ability to spread from person to person. In humans, the virus spreads through mechanisms of contact with infected body fluids, coughing, sneezing or shaking hands that can expose others to contract a disease.

The virus has been identified as an outbreak in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also declared a global emergency because the nCoV pneumonia epidemic has spread to 31/31 provinces and cities of China (there have been many deaths) and 210 other countries ( including Vietnam) who are positive for the new strain of Coronavirus. Up to 22:00 on April 13 (Vietnam time), has 1,874,709 people in 210 countries and territories around the world were infected with acute respiratory infections COVID-19, of which 116,073 died.


Why use online meeting equipment to prevent translation?


Given the complicated situation of acute respiratory infections caused by the new strain of Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), in addition to implementing preventive measures as recommended by the Ministry of Health, the first priority must be isolation, giving solutions to limit the spread, contributing to improving the effectiveness of anti-epidemic. Therefore, the application of the online meeting room model (especially video conference model) technology on the 4.0 platform will make it easier and faster for exchanges between agencies and organizations, especially in emergency situations.


Currently, a Vietnamese technology enterprise has cooperated with the Ministry of Health to install 21 video conferencing points at 21 major hospitals across the country.

The online briefing system includes 22 points, of which 21 hospitals are on the list of online briefings to cope with Wuhan-level pneumonia, such as Bach Mai Hospital, Central Tropical Hospital, Diseases Hospital of Pediatrics, Hospital E, Central Lung Hospital, Cho Ray Hospital, Tropical Hospital Ho Chi Minh City ... Through the online operating system, the Ministry of Health can directly provide professional support to hospitals during the treatment process from January 29.


Advantages of online meeting equipment in medical prevention and treatment


- Video conferencing devices allow doctors and patients to interact with each other regardless of their location.

- Diagnose and treat promptly.

- Improve the effectiveness of centralized team discussions with junior doctors to enhance the patient's professional skills in diagnosing the condition.

- Overloading at the central level hospitals.

- Helping highly qualified doctors can observe and conduct remote instructions without having to travel to go directly takes a lot of time and cost.


Advantages of online meeting solution in the prevention of disease in businesses and life


- Enterprises can easily exchange and discuss online from afar, limiting the spread in this period of the disease outbreak.

- Schools can apply to develop online teaching, students do not need to go to school but still ensure the progress of learning.


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