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Thietbihop247 provides a full-service video conferencing room installation service, providing a safe and professional meeting solution. Customers can rest assured of our service because we have a team of good technicians, formally trained, highly skilled, and experienced in the field of telecommunications electronic equipment installation pine.


In addition, we have been applying advanced standard principles in the installation and operation of electrical equipment systems, internet, audio…. ensure the design construction is in accordance with the technical standards required in the contract documents.


Especially, from November 1, 2021, when buying products at Thietbihop247, customers will immediately receive a 30% discount on the service price of online meeting room equipment installation nationwide. If you are in need of a package installation, on-site, cheap, and reputable, please contact us immediately via Hotline: 1900.633.485






1. The process of installing online meeting equipment


1.1. Survey and plan installation

After discussing and agreeing on the plan with the consulting department, the project will be received by the technical department and installed in the shortest time.


- Surveying meeting rooms & designing connection diagrams


- Make a specific plan for the supply and installation of equipment.


1.2. Prepare equipment and tools


- Prepare equipment: check the external details of the device, technical documentation, user manual, and attached accessories).


  • Online meeting equipment

  • External sound system (if any)

  • Display (if any)

  • Equipment holder (if any)


- Check supporting tools when installing (electrical cables, drills, ..)


- Set an appointment for the delivery and installation of equipment with customers


1.3. Prepare contract and accompanying minutes:


- Equipment purchase and sale contract,


- Warehouse invoice / VAT invoice (VAT).


- Minutes of acceptance and handover of equipment.


1.4. Carry out installation work:


- Install equipment into the meeting room according to the drawings and instructions of the manufacturer


- Go cable, network cable connected to the device


1.5. System operation and calibration


- Startup and check the connectivity of the device.


- Check the safety when operating.


During operation, the test results of the technical parameters will be recorded and at the same time, the inappropriate points will be corrected to make the device fully compatible, ensuring stable and durable operation of the device.


1.6. User manual and technology handover.


The technician gives detailed instructions on how to operate the device and how to connect with the technician when having problems or needing support.


1.7. Confirmation of acceptance and handover of equipment equipment 



sample record of acceptance and handover of equipment


2. How to manage installation service quality assurance


To ensure the quality of online room installation services Thietbihop247 provides management measures and standard criteria in each stage of implementation.


2.1. Well organized design and installation work:


- Detailed site survey


- Install in accordance with the connection diagram drawings agreed by both parties and ensure the technical requirements.


2.2. Equipment quality assurance requirements


- Equipment used in the project must meet the technical standards specified in the contract.


- Use equipment of reputable, high-quality manufacturers


- Check goods for quantity, quality, 100% new, no scratches.


2.3. Working process supervision:


Both parties are responsible for participating in the supervision of the entire equipment installation process:


  • Closely supervise during the design of the installation diagram drawing, ensuring accuracy and high feasibility in accordance with the meeting room architecture.


  • Technical supervision of installation and operation


2.4. Personnel organization:


- Qualified and skilled technicians, experienced in construction and installation of online meeting rooms.


- Professional management team to monitor and evaluate the finishing quality


- All employees must have a standard and disciplined attitude when working with customers.



To prevent infection during the epidemic season, Thietbihop247 has activated safety principles with all employees at all levels in the company, providing a healthy working environment.


  • All employees of Thietbihop247 are required to fully and strictly comply with the government's 5K rules (declaration, masks, disinfection, distance, not concentration).

  • Check body temperature twice a day in the early morning and early afternoon, when the temperature is over 37 degrees 5 employees are not allowed to enter the company and not work with partners.

  • When going to the installation, the technician does all the steps: quick test with covid test strips, check body temperature, wear protective gear and sanitizer.

  • Convert consulting meetings from face to face to online support 24/7 ready to support and answer customers at all times. 

Safety rules when installing online meeting rooms during the epidemic season

If you wonder if you will receive support after installation, if you have a problem, Thietbihop247 will regularly survey the satisfaction of customers after installation and use, implementing strict management of service quality. At the same time, a hotline 1900.633.485 is always ready to support customers and partners in all matters.


During more than 10 years of operation in the field of video conferencing, Thietbihop247 always brings the best products and services with competent and dedicated people to create a reputation in the industry. Let's take a look at pictures of Thietbihop247 installed in some recent projects:


technical staff test the system when installing HPI online room



thietbihop247 installs online meeting equipment



actual image of online meeting equipment installation


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