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Video Conferencing Equipment For Rent


Hi, we are the company providing the products and services for leasing video conferencing equipment in Vietnam. With many years of operation and development in this field, we have assisted and supported hundreds of organizations successfully organizing large and small online meetings and seminars throughout the country.


Video conferencing for rent


Please call us right now via phone number: 028.7107.7099 or Hotline: 0918.132.458 to register and get advice as soon as possible.


We always understand that audio and video are two key factors that greatly influence the effectiveness of the meeting. Therefore, the products we sell and rent are produced by the world famous conferencing companies, such as: AVer, Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize .... All these product series meet the essential requirements as follows:


All these product series meet the essential requirements


- Single point, multi point connection according to the needs of customers
- Full HD 1080p resolution delivers crisp, vibrant images
- High quality sound, advanced noise processing technology
- Support for sharing and receiving data: image, video, presentation ... from the bridge.
- Support recording sessions as archived data.


In addition, our experienced and skilled technicians will assist you to set up meeting equipment before starting meeting a day. Then, they will continue to support during the meeting time to handle the problem promptly and quickly.


Some customers are still hesitant about budget. Do not worry! We always have the most reasonable rental rates, suitable for all budgets and size of meetings. We think that: Price will not matter by solving an important problem in the best way, fastest, least cost and most time is important. This is also one of the reasons that videoconferencing devices are born and add value in every aspect of life.


With Bao An Telecom, credibility is the core value that helps the company develop sustainably. So, please use our video conferencing service today and:


- DON'T CARE about product quality
- DON'T CARE about the price
- DON'T CARE about support policy.


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