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What do the online meeting room equipment consists of?


Online meeting equipment brings many benefits such as quick and efficient workflow and cost savings. Thus, more and more enterprises and organizations are applying this modern technology into the daily meetings.


However, many people still do not know how to set up a standard online meeting room. Before deciding to invest in building solutions, users will need to pay attention to find out what an online meeting room needs? What is the price of the equipment? How to choose the best solution?


The following article will help you solve those problems!


Equipment needed for an online meeting room:


1. Online meeting equipment 


AVer EVC300 Online Meeting Equipment Kit


When purchasing a kit of online meeting room equipment will include:


  • Codec: Handles the encoding of received and transmitted audio and video signals through transmission.
  • Camera - Image signal capture.
  • Microphone - Receive audio signal.
  • Remote - Remote control
  • Power supply and some cables included


In some cases, additional MCU (Multi Control Unit)


2. Network transmission


Online meeting equipment must connect to a network connection to start a meeting. This is extremely important because it directly affects the quality of the meeting. Therefore, the transmission bandwidth must also meet certain requirements:


  • With point-to-point solution

Transmission must reach at least 1 Mbps to produce full HD resolution

  • With multi-points solution

Transmission at each branch point has a minimum speed of 1Mbps. The transmission line at the central point shall be at least equal to the total transmission rate of the aggregate points.


Multipoint online meeting solution model


3. Display screen:


The screen displays images of the spheres and contents of the share. You can use television, screen ...


4. Some devices support:


In addition, depending on the needs of use, the size of the meeting room that need to be equipped with a number of other auxiliary equipment such as mic, speakers, amplifiers, electronic boards, storage devices ...


Price of Online meeting Equipment:


Cost is always the issue that the user is most concerned about. The price of meeting equipment online depends on the following factors:


- Bridge score: depending on the number of bridge points that will select the appropriate equipment.
- Brand: now there are many prestigious brands in the field of online meetings such as Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize ... Therefore, the cost of these devices is also relatively high. However, there are still affordable solutions for small and medium sized companies. You can refer to the product line from AVer, which is considered to be the brand that offers products with modern technology inferior to other brands that own the best price. market.


Customers can be assured when coming to Bao An Telecom will be supported consultants choose the best solution with reasonable price!


Steps to build solutions and installations:


Step 1: Determine how many points you need to connect


Depending on the needs of the business to build the appropriate model, there are two main models are site to site (two point connection model) and multisites (three point connection model).


Step 2: Determine the investment budget


Identifying a budget will help you build solutions quickly and select the most suitable equipment.


Step 3: Investigate the meeting room


Online meeting room equipment standard


- Determine the number of participants:

It can be divided into the following levels:


  • Personal: This could be a director, meeting room manager, or professor of distance teaching ... The most cost-effective solution is to use software installed on your phone, laptop or tablet. To join the meeting.
  • Group of less than 10 people: May be a group of people who meet in the main office and branch office. In this case we will invest in specialized hardware.
  • Group over 10 people: This case should choose the high-end online meeting room with high resolution, the ability to pan the panorama, zoom close to the participants clarity ... Can attach multiple cameras to shoot at Different angles / positions.


- Conference area (long, wide, high)
- Meeting room quality: brightness, brightness, talkiness, sound insulation from the outside, ceiling, wall, table and chair type.


Step 4: Select the device


When there are basic information on demand as above, Bao An Telecom will support consultants to select the equipment that best suits the business.


Step 5: Up the solution


Step 6: Model building


Step 7: Demo


Come to Bao An, you will have a free demo right in your office. We will detail the operation and use of the device so that users can experience the great benefits that online meetings bring.


Step 8: Set up


Bao An Telecom deploys online meeting equipment quickly, experienced technicians are available to assist with any problems.




Save time and money. Deeply develop relationships. Increase productivity. Reduce CO2 emissions and preserve our green lungs by using online meeting equipment in place of the travel business today.

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• Professional, experienced and well-trained staff with attitudes of courteous and courteous service.
• Our product lines are genuine with the best warranty policy. At the same time, always offer cost-effective and cost-effective solutions for you.
• A clear contract is made based on unity between the two parties. We always put the interests of our customers first.
• Ensure handover of equipment at the agreed time and at the same time ensure that equipment is not damaged during transportation and installation.


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