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Polycom SoundStation IP

Meet the demand, Polycom has for the telephone technology conferencing products are specifically designed with a wide variety of suitable room and room network. Include: Polycom SoundStation IP7000, Polycom SoundStation IP6000
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Polycom SoundStation IP conference phoneExperience the sound system of the Polycom SoundStation IP conference

When the Polycom SoundStation IP conference phone entered the market in 1992, telephone communications were changed at once. Now after 20 years of launching, traditional voices have become more popular and one of the most important business tools for organizations from big to small. Whether the call lasts across the region or across continents, cooperation involving many inquirers needs to clearly define the spirit to make an effective. As the languages ​​and dialects in the important calls, the need for quality tradition will become more important than ever.

Meet the demand, Polycom has for the telephone technology conferencing products are specifically designed with a wide variety of suitable room and room network. Include:

• Conferencing phone is designed to meet the sound requirements of different types of rooms, such as the Polycom SoundStation IP 7000 solution for large conferences, and the Polycom SoundStation IP 5000 for small conferences and operators.

• Design models for analog digital data, PBX and VoIP environments, with unique features that take advantage of the benefits provided by different types of telephony environments.

• The SoundStation Duo ™ conferencing phone for legacy phones includes annalog and IP connectivity to protect the most competitive headphones.

• Finally, the Polycom® SoundStation2W ™ wireless, can be used in many offices or conference rooms, or it can be connected to a mobile phone for conference calls from anywhere.

Benefits of Polycom SoundStation IP Conference Phone

• Create a more realistic business environment, with a simulation model, using Polycom® HD Voice ™ technology to capture higher and deeper frequencies than natural calls.

• Expanding the micro, ensuring that everyone in the room is clearly heard and identified on the other end of the call

• Remove the source of your power from the source as a remote mode and the system

Choose the speaker, use the smart micro with focus on the speaker, do not distract by the surrounding sounds.

Prevent interference from cell phones and other wireless devices, to provide clear communication.

• All Polycom SoundStation phone conferences are proven to be easy to use.

Polycom SoundStation IP products

The Soundstation IP 7000 conference phoneThe Soundstation IP 7000 conference phone

Polycom® HD Voice ™ - Defines your performance results:

• Polycom® Acoustic Clarity ™ technology delivers the best phone conference without an association agreement

• Flexible configuration and multiple unit selection, micro-extension and integration with the Polycom HDX telepresence solution to meet the needs of various rooms of the room.

Arrange the first SIP protocol in the business, with advanced call, security and essential features

Strong compatibility with a variety of SIP calls, maximized audio quality and natural management and administrative features.

• High-resolution display with XHTML browser - Easier and more functional

The Soundstation IP 6000 conference phoneThe Soundstation IP 6000 conference phone

• Polycom HD voice definition technology makes your conference calls more efficient and efficient

• Patented Polycom Acoustic Clarity technology - providing the best phone software package without compromise.

• 12-foot microphone - combined with the remote auto engine for the old SoundStation IP phone. Add up to two options extended micro.

• Software leading SIP SIP - use the first SIPs in the industry, with high level call, security, and loan redundancy.

• Optimized the variety of other devices through SIP protocol

• WiMAX resolution - allows faster calls and multilingual support


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