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Install online meeting equipment for Vietranstimex


Recently, Bao An Telecom has implemented an online meeting equipment installation project for Vietranstimex. Equipment deployed includes the AVer EVC300 and the AVer EVC130P.


About Vietranstimex Multifamal Joint Stock Company


Install online meeting equipment for Vietranstimex


Multimodal Transport JSC - VIETRANSTIMEX was established on 27/3/1976.


Over 40 years of construction and development, Vietranstimex is a leading transport business in Vietnam and the region.


The company specializes in providing international multimodal transport services, loading and unloading of heavy goods, heavy goods and project cargo in the form of "turnkey". VIETRANSTIMEX owns and manages a large volume of machinery and equipment from conventional tractors and trailers to special tractors, hydraulic trailers, trailers Onions and cranes have a lifting capacity of 550 tons.


Due to its continuous business and development, the company has expanded to include new markets, the relationship requires the most efficient, fastest and economical solution.


Online meeting equipment helped the company save more money and reduce travel time between meeting venues. The key benefit is working remotely, addressing critical issues quickly, accurately, and increasing collaboration among stakeholders.


Describe the selected online meeting solution


AVer EVC300 Multipoint Online Meeting Equipment

AVer EVC300 Online Meeting Equipment

The AVer EVC300 is an online meeting solution that brings a lot of benefits and is tailored to your company's budget, providing organizations with a medium-sized video conferencing medium. With multi-point MCU control up to 4 HD points, support upgrade to 6 points. With a 16X PTZ camera with 2-megapixel CMOS / FOV 61 degrees (H), 35 degrees (V), 67 degrees (diagonal), for crystal clear image performance with full HD 1080p resolution at 30fps. Design luxury and compact products, suitable for the average office space or more. Support 02 display: video and content. (Out put 02 HDMI, 01 VGA).


The AVer EVC300 incorporates EZMeetup software that allows users to easily connect to PCs and smart mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, phones, etc., helping remote employees and leaders to attend meetings every where every time. In addition, the AVer EVC300 can also be upgraded to 6, 8 or up to 10 bridge points as needed.


AVer EVC130P Online Meeting Equipment

Equipment for online meeting room AVer EVC130P

The AVer EVC130P is a compact video conferencing device that is compact but elegant and suitable for small to medium conferences. One of the highlights of the product is the 16X digital zoom with 2 megapixel CMOS / FOV 61 degrees (H); 35 degrees (V) and 67 degrees (diagonal). This is a camera for super-wide 88-degree wide-angle shooting, super-sharp 1080p full HD video at 30fps and HDMI output. This device supports 2 displays and allows users to configure and control remotely over the web. Advanced microphone technology for noise cancellation, echo cancellation and maximum noise reduction. Call history retrieval, received and missed calls, allows to directly save it to your favorite call list. Store the entire meeting content via USB or hard drive.


If you are in need of learning and using the equipment for online meeting rooms, please contact Bao An Telecom for advice and product demo support.




Save time and money. Deeply develop relationships. Increase productivity. Reduce CO2 emissions and preserve our green lungs by using video conferencing instead of travel business today.


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