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Installation of online meeting room equipment for Mizuno


Mizuno Vietnam Limited has decided to invest in Polycom Group 500 online meeting room equipment to better serve its business.


Mizuno installs online meeting room equipment


Online meeting equipment is an essential tool in the context of teleworking or telecommuting today - working out of the office, often at home. If your business has a fairly open schedule and your worker or colleague works at home, a way to limit the lack of interaction in the workforce and give notice or report to The main focus is on video conferencing.


Now, online meetings play a very important role in eliminating travel cost constraints and time constraints, which can be organized more frequently. You can meet people around the world every day or even several times a day. This allows your business to move at a speed in the world of motion. Your business moves without having to move. Great!


The great benefit is that MIZUNO Vietnam Co., Ltd. decided to use the online meeting equipment with the Polycom Group 500 of Bao An Telecom.


MIZUNO was established in Hung Yen province with 100% foreign capital. After being licensed by the Hung Yen Industrial Zone Authority, the company started its activities in producing and processing all kinds of spare parts and other components in the car industry. With many years of improving and developing high standards, nowadays, this enterprise has become one of the top choices of users in Vietnam.


Online meeting equipment description selected


Polycom Group 500 online meeting room equipment


Polycom Group 500 is the ideal solution for conference rooms and other collaborative environments, from small meeting rooms to larger rooms with dual screens. The performance of this new generation is combined with a simple user interface. The built-in 6-way polyphony option allows multiple conference participants to call without the need for a speaker.


Uniquely-compatible SVC architecture of Polycom online meeting solution is the first technology to provide video calls between existing two video systems and new SVC systems. This unique approach offers unmatched investment protection.


Other enhancements include continuous information transfer; a set of leading-edge technology to improve significantly in line with realist trends.




Save time and money. Deeply develop relationships. Increase productivity. Reduce CO2 emissions and preserve our green lungs by using video conferencing instead of travel business today.


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