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Softfront Vietnam installs video conferencing system


Recently Softfront Vietnam has decided to contract with Bao An Telecom to install video conferencing system, the device is selected as MCU Orion VX1000.


About Softfront Vietnam


Softfront Vietnam installs video conferencing system


Softfront Vietnam is a subsidiary of Softfront that develops Softphone (Calling Software) widely used on IP phones. The company has been in operation since August 2013.


The company's main activity is to research the product according to the needs of the user through advanced VoIP-related technology such as the department directly under the Research and Development Division of the parent company.


Software quality management of Softfront Vietnam and quality assurance is similar to the quality of products in Japan, as a department directly under the Quality Engineering Division of the Head Office.


Softfront Vietnam's information system management follows the Japan process as a department within the Information Systems Division of the parent company.


With the need to improve business performance and grow the company effectively, as well as save more budget. Recently, Bao An Telecom has implemented video conferencing equipment for Softfront Vietnam.


Describes the video conferencing system of choice


MCU Orion VX1000 Video Conferencing Equipment


MCU Orion VX1000 Video Conferencing System


MCU Orion VX1000 is a high-performance, high-quality video conferencing equipment for users. It is easy to deploy, use and manage, supporting up to four concurrent conferences, the ability of up to 16 participants to achieve HD resolution, allowing up to 29 participants per meeting, Easy connection from desktop / laptop, content sharing and support for SIP, H.323 or H.239 endpoints or client software.


By using video conferencing solutions, businesses and organizations reduce the cost. They save time, money and work more efficiently by dramatically reducing the cost of travel and unnecessary costs.


The VX1000 enables the widening of the demand for video conferencing. Managers or remote employees can connect to the meeting quickly and conveniently. Support up to 4 simultaneous meetings. Enhanced system scalability for video conferencing solutions when business needs.


In addition, the Orion VX1000 offers a full range of features and capabilities that meet the needs of businesses.


  • MCU Supports up to 4 concurrent conferences
  • Up to 29 participants per conference (16 can view HD)
  • The most affordable price for the business.
  • Store, manage, or On-Premise easily.
  • Supports SIP / H.323 End Point for software or customers (including mobile clients).
  • Share with both SIP and H.323 / H.239 Desktop standards / content.


By using video conferencing systems, organizations improve productivity and productivity, accelerate decision making, reduce travel costs, and build better remote staff. MCU Orion VX1000 unleashes the full power of video conferencing, providing an easy way to deploy, use and manage your conferencing solutions, accessed from any device and system. It is a solution for all, with an extremely reasonable price for businesses of all sizes.




Save time and money. Deeply develop relationships. Increase productivity. Reduce CO2 emissions and preserve our green lungs by using video conferencing instead of travel business today.


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  • Our line of online conferencing products are genuine with the best warranty policy. At the same time, always offer cost-effective and cost-effective solutions for you.
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  • Ensure proper delivery of equipment at agreed time, and ensure that equipment is not damaged during transportation and installation.


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