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Video conferencing system for Luong Nguyen company


Recently, Bao An Telecom has implemented the project of installing video conferencing system for Luong Nguyen company. Selected equipment is the AVer EVC300 and the EVC130.


The reason for Luong Nguyen installation of video conferencing system


Video conferencing is a new device of communication in recent times. This method of communication is often used to hold meetings and discussions. This communication device is mainly used when having trouble arranging expensive meetings or when traveling long distances. Video conferencing is a virtual meeting where people can see, hear and talk to people in different places around the world without having to pay for travel. This communication device is widely used by offices having different affiliates located in different places and in foreign countries.


Luong Nguyen Trading & Service Company Limited is also one of the enterprises that choose online video conferencing to increase the efficiency of work. With many years of operation in the field of construction of all types of houses, on the progress of expanding and larger scale, the company needs to equip itself with a set of equipment to be able to meet anywhere at all times. Time consuming travel expenses for meetings too.


About the solution selected


AVer EVC300

AVer EVC300 Video Conferencing System for Luong Nguyen

The AVer EVC300 Video Conferencing Equipment is the perfect solution for large conference rooms and meeting rooms. It is easy to see that the AVer EVC300 simply installs the operating device, which is compatible with any device of other manufacturers. This is a 4 point video conferencing device that can be upgraded to 6, 8 or up to 10 points, high performance MCU system with 16X PTZ camera for true 1080p full HD video. multi-dimensional microphone, compact design and sleek design. What's more, the EVC 300 incorporates EZMeetup software that lets users connect to PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, ensuring users do not miss a meeting. The MCU system features real-time 1080p full HD streaming video and content sharing combined with a full 16X PTZ full HD camera, microphone support, and a simple user interface that makes it easy to use, sleek. and compact system design.


The AVer EC300 system includes:


- AVer EVC300 codec
- Camera full HD1080p Zoom 16x
multi-directional microphone
- Remote control
- Cables


Features of the AVer EVC300:


- AVer EVC 300 is the perfect full HD video conferencing solution for any small to medium meeting room and investment budget.
The AVer EVC300 features full HD 1080p picture quality, built-in 4-point MCU and up to 10 full HD resolutions.
- EVC300 allows meeting 4 points at optimal cost.
- The EVC300 is designed with full HD 1080 Pan Till Zoom 16X optical camera to scan every position in the large meeting room.
- With up to full HD 1080p compression, the EVC300p perfectly meets a real-time live meeting. It transmits and receives full HD 1080p video at 30fps, while sharing data from laptops, document cameras and other peripherals to 30fps HD720p resolution for smoother, more live online meetings.
- Especially, the EVC300 allows the output signal to the screen with 02 HDMI and one VGA port. With compact design, sophistication and outstanding features. What's more, the EVC 300 incorporates EZMeetup software that lets users connect to PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, ensuring users do not miss a meeting.


AVer EVC130

 AVer EVC130 Video Conferencing Equipment

AVer EVC130 is one of the first AVer series to offer the best price for video conferencing in Vietnam. Despite the low price, the EVC130 has a robust configuration with reliable quality to warrant the product up to 2 years to help businesses optimize their investment costs but still meet the requirements of Online meeting to increase the efficiency of business to grow.


The AVer EVC130 has the following main functions:


- EVC130 gives picture quality up to full HD resolution.
- Allows storing all meeting contents to USB
- For true HD images and sound at HD720p30fps resolution
- Transmit and receive data from a computer, document camera at 720 HD resolution.
- Look at all positions in the meeting room with the camera pan till has a viewing angle of up to 88 degrees.
- Sophisticated audio processing technology allows for the best audio recording to filter maximum noise.
- Transmit and receive smoother signal even though the transmission line is limited, reducing signal loss.
- Ultra-compact design with friendly interface.
- Configure the system remotely via webtool, and automatically switch on the device via LAN with Wake on Lan
- Connect to any dedicated device with H.323 and SIP standard


The AVer EVC300 and the AVer EVC130 are video conferencing systems that deliver superior quality while optimizing user costs. This is a great choice for small and medium businesses.




Save time and money. Deeply develop relationships. Increase productivity. Reduce our CO2 emissions and preserve our green lungs by using video conferencing instead of the travel business today.


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