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Video conferencing system for Ngoc Dung Beauty Salon


In the beginning of July 2017, Bao An Telecom has implemented the video conferencing system for Ngoc Dung Beauty Salon.


Founded in 1998, Ngoc Dung beauty salon became the familiar address of women. Over the past 19 years, Ngoc Dung Beauty Salon has built its branch network in major cities and provinces of Vietnam such as Ha Noi, Hai Phong, Nha Trang, Da Nang.


With the large number of employees throughout the country, the need for information exchange is extremely necessary. Ngoc Dung beauty salon has chosen the solution to install AVer SVC500 video conferencing equipment at the center in Ho Chi Minh City and use EZMeetup software to connect the remaining 16 points.


Some pictures for the project:


Installation of video conferencing system for Ngoc Dung Beauty Salon


Installation of video conferencing system AVer SVC500


Project description implemented:


AVer SVC500


AVer SVC500 Video conferencing equipment installed for Ngoc Dung beauty salon


The video conferencing equipment AVer SVC500 is located at the main office of Ngoc Dung Beauty Salon in Ho Chi Minh City.


The AVer SVC500 is a new 6-point, six-point bridge that can upgrade up to 16 points. The best resolution is up to 1080p Full HD per pixel. This is considered the ideal solution to meet the increasing communication needs of enterprises and organizations around the world.

With breakthrough research, AVer engineers brought the SVC500's ability to integrate Skype Business connectivity to the maximum scalability of the connection between dedicated hardware and standard applications. In case of need, with the SVC500 users can use the Live Stream feature for all meeting content, images, audio, reports to share tasks quickly with the set up process. extremely simple.


Owning a new metal design with a "trajectory" style, the AVer SVC500 will honor the elegance of your online meeting room!


AVer EZMeetup Software

EZMeetup software for Ngoc Dung salon


To connect branches, Bao An Telecom has consulted Ngoc Dung Beauty Salon using EZMeetup software. This is a cost-effective solution for businesses.


EZMeetup is software that is specially designed for AVer multi-point video conferencing systems. It allows users to extend video conferencing from traditional conference rooms to desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.


Users can easily download EZMeetup for free on their phones through Google play or the App Store. With this software, users can enjoy high quality video conferencing anywhere and at intervals. Any time with sound with true image, vivid and extremely sharp.




Save time and money. Deeply develop relationships. Increase productivity. Reduce CO2 emissions and preserve our green lungs by using an online meeting solution instead of a travel business today.


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