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PUS-U51VC-KIT is an integrated online meeting camera for small meeting rooms, best-selling during the covid season because of its great features and reasonable price.
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During the covid outbreak, following the social distancing requirements from the health departments, businesses began to look to online meeting devices to serve their work. Due to the economic difficulty of the epidemic season: a cheap solution is a priority in the options. Based on that criterion, the PUS-U51VC-KIT product is the device chosen and best-selling by businesses in recent times. If you are in need of online meetings, please refer to the information and product features through the article below.

The PUS-U51VC-KIT kit comes from the manufacturer PUAS - the company with 10 years of experience specializing in the production of PTZ cameras applied in the fields of video conferencing, education, broadcasting, and telemedicine. PUAS company launched a product to solve the difficult problem of high-cost wiring and configuration when creating a conference AV system. PUS-U51VC-KIT integrates audio and video conferencing for small and medium meeting rooms from 40 to 80m2 with about 20 attendees.

The set of online meeting camera equipment PUS- U51VC-KIT includes:

•  A 10X zoom PTZ camera – for high definition video quality,

•  Omnidirectional micro USB – for an extremely perfect audio experience,

•  Relay HUB – easy to connect.

Elegant Design – Easy Installation

Although it is a cheap online meeting camera product, the devices are all made of metal material, providing a sense of certainty and better product protection. Combine with square design with rounded corners for a luxurious meeting room space.

Easily connect with only 1 USB port (Video + Power + Communication) and install in many different ways: ceiling mount, wall mount, stand mount, or as desired.

New generation PTZ 10X online meeting camera

PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera has an automatic multi-directional rotation function. This type of camera is very suitable for online meeting rooms or remote conferences because it brings comfort in meetings, users do not need to observe and adjust the camera angle during the meeting.

The camera of the PUS-U51VC-KIT is an improvement of the U510 product with higher specifications: 72° wide camera angle, 356° horizontal, and 120° vertical movement. Especially the ability to zoom 10x for the clearest recorded image in 1080p quality.

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Live sound

Audio equipment includes Microphone & Speaker functionality. The microphone picks up voices at a range of 6 meters with 360°, and 3-core audio processing technology with deep echo cancellation, dynamic noise cancellation helps deliver clear accurate content. In addition, the user can directly control the Pan / Tilt movement of the camera (Zoom in / out) through the microphone. Speaker volume can be up to 95DB and 16 levels of volume can be adjusted.


Multi-platform compatible online meeting equipment

Fully compatible with online meeting software such as zoom, skype for business, cisco Webex, google hangouts, Microsoft team. And support all popular operating systems: windows, android, Linux systems, mac, ios, and others.

Support Bluetooth connection and hands-free conference call on mobile phones & No configuration required, Simple connection & Easy to use.


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