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4 Points video conferencing solution incorporating software


Today, 4-points video conferencing solution helps to reduce travel costs and makes it easier to organize online meetings more frequently. You can meet people around the world every day or even several times a day. This allows your business to develop at a fast pace in a moving world.


The benefits of 4 points video conferencing solution



Meetings can be quick and concise. Participants will no longer have reasons related to location and migration issues. This means that you can schedule video conferencing meetings quickly and make it run immediately or in a short time.


Personalize your conversation


This is in contrast to the corresponding voice or email communication. Visual communication is worth more than a million words. By showing yourself and seeing others, you can work in the charm of body language, which is important in business and involves human interaction.


Seeing is believing, and showing is convincing


Through video conferencing, you can write on a board and show it to everyone, you can present presentations to your latest products. Usually, you can show things that you can not bring while you are on a business trip to a meeting place. The device allows you to introduce your base, product, advantage, your professional, the people around you ...


Teaching and learning online

Conferencing solutions are an excellent method of sharing knowledge beyond the boundaries. You will be able to use multimedia facilities such as interactive whiteboards online, and you can use online collaboration tools.


Proposed 4 points video conferencing solutions 


Solution Model


4 points video conferencing solutions model


With the 4-points video conferencing solution incorporating the above software, you need to equip:

- 1 HD video conferencing unit with built-in HD 4-points MCU to be installed at the central point

- 3 AVer EZMeetup software installed on laptop, Ipad

- Internet connection at the central point (requires at least 04 Mbps), and Internet access at branch locations (minimum 1024kbps required).

- Display and other accessories


Proposed equipment

Video conferencing equipment at the center - AVer EVC300


Videoconferencing equipment in the center - AVer EVC300


AVer EVC300 Video Conferencing Solution is a great way for meeting rooms of 20 or more people, integrating multiple MCUs up to 4 Full HD 1080p. The first feature that made you satisfied with this product is the beautifully designed, compact and classy design that fits in your meeting space. The AVer EVC300 is ready to give you great conference conferences thanks to 16X PTZ camera technology with 2-megapixel CMOS / FOV 61 degrees (H), 35 degrees and 67 degrees. Enables recording and viewing of all conference locations. The product meets the display of 2 high-quality video and content displays (02 HDMI, 02 VGA, 01 DVI in) with full HD resolution of 30fps.


One of the prominent features of the AVer EVC300 is meeting content storage, imaging, web-based administration, support for 22 languages, built-in SIP Server & Registrar). New Microphone technology filters noise, blocks echo and minimizes noise. In addition, the device supports up to 4 microseconds for better and more efficient audio transmission.


Mobile software for leaders: AVer EZmeetup


Mobile software for leaders in video conferencing solution 4 points: AVer EZmeetup


  • Special features:
    • Support Windows, iOS, Android
    • SIP protocol connection.
    • Supports VGA resolution (640x480), CIF
    • Allow external network connection using wifi or 3G with only 256kbps bandwidth
    • Get data sharing from Aver EVC900ptz
    • Simple configuration, easy to use
  • Configuration support:
    • IPhone & iPad (iOS v6)
    • Android phones & tablets (Android v3.0)
    • Laptops & desktops for Windows® (Windows XP, Windows7, Windows8)
    • Compatible with EVC900ptz / EVC300ptz v00.10.06.XX

Meeting room model


Meeting room at the center


 the central point meeting room model of the 4-points video conferencing solution


Requires minimum 10Mbps transmission path. (Encourage customers to use 40 to 50 Mbps fiber optic cable inbound)
Arrange meeting room full of light, avoid the camera back light, the meeting room should be sealed, soundproof to the best sound quality.


Meeting room at branch office


Meeting rooms at branch offices with EZMeetup software installed on the computer, can take advantage of the camera of the computer or can combine Camera and Micro conference for small meeting rooms of less than 10 people (similar to Skype but higher quality )




Save time and money. Deeply develop relationships. Increase productivity. Reduce CO2 emissions and preserve our green lungs by using a video conferencing solution instead of a travel business today.


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