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MCU Orion video conferencing solution


The multi-point controller that allows users to hold live meetings between remote workgroups is the MCU Orion video conferencing solution. MCU-servers connect the terminals that can work with different protocols, most often via H.323.


MCU Orion VX1000 Video conferencing solution


In a multipoint conferencing session, the MCU-server manages multiple terminals at one time, coordinating their functions on the processing of video data, and forwarding media streams between them. . Unlike conferencing software, MCU-server conducts group video conferencing media mixing, which means mixing and re-encoding video streams in real time. For example, to create a picture-in-picture effect, which sets very strict requirements on the computing power of the MCU server. While software servers typically perform a hybrid model of data streams, they do not imply transcription. A server just diverts media streams of video conference participants. Compression / decompression and mixing media flow must be experienced in the terminals.


MCU Orion video conferencing solution is a hardware / software device that includes an MC controller (Multipoint Controller) and an MP Processor (Multipoint Processor). Multi-operator transaction with the combination of media stream processing parameters between terminals. In addition, the controls support the H.245 protocol. The functions of multi-point processors are processing, blending and converting of multimedia streams.


MCU Orion video conferencing solutions 


Focused Conference 


This is a multi-point MCU video conferencing system needed to conduct centralized video conferencing. In that conference, all the terminals communicate only through MCU-server.


Decentralized conference


All the terminals can communicate with each other without MCU-server, using only Multicast technology (communication between a sender and many recipients via the network). Although in this case, the MCU video conferencing solution is not an interface between terminals, its role is less important because it controls the exchange of media streams. .

MCU Orion conferencing solution for decentralized conference

Hybrid conference


In this case, the terminal participates in a video conference that can perform simultaneous transmission of audio video streams or just to other endpoints without sending to the MCU-server. All other media streams can be transmitted only through multi-point control devices.

MCU Orion conferencing solution for hybrid conference

Mixed conference


Such video conferencing is conducted under the control of the MCU-server, which performs the function of a "bridge" for connections of all types (centralized, decentralized or hybrid) between the final point.


MCU Orion video conferencing solution proposed


The MCU Orion video conferencing offers value for money and performance that is hard to compare. Orion's goal is to target the SME / SMB audience with top-notch conference quality and a wealth of unique features such as dual-registration, H.323 content sharing and SIP, comprehensive use in real time, management and control and many others; Moreover, MCU video with ORION provides countless codes and security for military, life insurance or government deployment.


It is said that this is one of the optimal video conferencing solutions and the foundation of cooperation, providing freedom for users to use any desired final destination (smartphone / tablet / PC / Video phone). / Division Systems, etc.), whether SIP, H.323 or WebRTC are - follow the BYOD trend.


In addition, the MCU Orion video conferencing solution is the only solution that allows users to pay for what they need. The platform is available as a standalone device that connects to any IP network with plug and play and video conferencing solutions, such as software to run on any generic server, or a pool card. PCI-Express can be integrated into any device - delivered with powerful ORION APIs for integration with any application manager.


Moreover, the products of Orion video conferencing family is the most versatile business model and the widest audience; ORION types are available in a variety of OEM options, ranging from private label opportunities for localization and brand recognition - accepted so far by a large number of VC, UC and IPBX providers. (provided for both MCU devices and ORION-O SIP client software) and PCIe boards for integration into any 3rd party device.


MCU Orion video conferencing equipment is available in 3 different models:





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