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Online meeting via AVer VC520Pro camera combination zoom software


Recently, with the trend of studying and working online, most of the customers contacting Thietbihop247 company ask for advice on solutions for installing cameras or webcams for small and medium meeting rooms, combining using use online software Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype For Business ..., but at an affordable price". In the following article, we will give an optimal solution and specific implementation model for this requirement.

Based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Health in the prevention of the Covid pandemic, the whole community is promoting the method of working remotely, limiting contact with crowds, so the field of online meetings has been receiving strong interest from users. At Thietbihop247, we provide a variety of solutions for many different types of customers from individuals to businesses. In particular, the option of using the Aver VC520 Pro conference camera in combination with the professional meeting software Zoom Pro is one of the most chosen and best-rated solutions at the moment. Here are a few typical project photos with customer reviews, please refer to: 


Online meeting room project for the company EVN Southern Electric Power


Online meeting room project for the company EVN Southern Electric Power


According to Mr. Dung - Technical Manager of EVN Southern Power Company shared: "During the stressful epidemic situation, in order to increase working efficiency as well as optimize the company's budget, we chose the online job processing option. After applying the combination solution of Zoom and Aver VC520 Pro camera, the company's activities have gradually come into operation during this epidemic season." 


Online meeting room project for the company Diep Mai Long An


Online meeting room project for the company Diep Mai Long An


"I find this solution very good, the image quality is much sharper than when using a regular laptop camera, and there are many smart features to make the meeting more professional." – according to Mr. Kiep (Director of Diep Mai Long An company). 


Online meeting room project for Aliat. Law firm


Online meeting room project for Aliat. Law firm


According to the response of Mr. Hung - an employee of Aliat Law Firm: "In the past, my company only met via Zalo, Zoom for free and used an additional webcam. I find there are many shortcomings such as the image displayed being very blurry, the conversation being interrupted, the camera cannot capture everyone in the room. After asking Thietbihop247 for advice and providing a solution to use Zoom Pro in combination with AVer VC520Pro conference camera, I feel that everything has been improved very well, well worth the investment.”




1. Target customers


This is a solution for medium-sized business customers, ranging from 20 to 30 people in a meeting room.


2. Equipment Requirements


With the above model of an online solution combining Zoom application, you need to equip the meeting room with the following equipment:


  • 1 set of Aver VC520 Pro cameras

  • Zoom Pro license installed on the display device

  • At each point, it is necessary to have at least a 1 Mbps internet connection.

  • Display/interactive screen (TV, Projection screen, Led screen…) and other accessories (if necessary).


3. Product Description


a. Aver VC520Pro conference camera system


bộ sản phẩm aver vc520 pro


Outstanding features of Aver VC520 Pro:


  • Provides a perfect audio experience, capturing sound up to 4m.

  • 12X optical zoom with full HD quality with intelligent face detection mode.

  • Delivers unique visual effects in a variety of lighting conditions.

  • IP-based intelligent management system.

  • Fast sensing effects, echo cancellation, and noise cancellation.


The AVer VC520 Pro video conferencing camera set has currently been receiving many awards and certifications from many leading online platforms, such as Zoom. According to Mr. Eric Yu from Zoom technology group, said: "Zoom is honored to certify that the online meeting solution using AVer VC520 Pro in combination with Zoom software is the perfect match for businesses. This solution is committed to delivering superior visual and audio effects to users in medium and large meeting rooms, providing a seamless, professional meeting experience that's easy to deploy and manage."


In addition, this product also received many other certifications from Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business,... According to Mr. Albert Kooiman, Senior Director of Microsoft Teams Partner Certification and Technical Department: "We are delighted to be collaborating with AVer on a highly effective software-based online meeting solution. AVer's VC520 Pro is one of the Microsoft Group Certified devices for medium and large meeting rooms, helping to deliver a powerful interactive experience for all meeting participants. 


chứng nhận và giải thưởng của AVer VC520 PRO


b. Phần mềm trực tuyến Zoom Pro

Zoom pro


- Unlimited duration, allow up to 100 attendees or upgrade to 1000 people.

- Support storing content to the cloud with a capacity of 1GB.

- Easily Livestream on Facebook and Youtube platforms.

- Professional meeting management and control.

- Support reporting results to users.



4. Connection model 


mô hình kết nối aver vc 520 pro và zoom pro


5. Instructions on how to connect Zoom to the online camera system


How to install camera device Aver VC520 Pro


Step 1: Connect the camera to the speakerphone.


Step 2: Expand speakerphone/microphone (if available).


Step 3: Connect the camera to the display device (laptop, TV, projector).


Step 4: Plug the power into the camera system.


Step 5: Start the device.


How to connect VC520 Pro with Zoom software


Step 1: Install Zoom Meetings Pro


Download and install the Zoom app on your device (PC/Mac, mobile, tablet). For the Zoom Pro version, it is necessary to purchase an account license to log in and use.


Instructions for registering Zoom Pro copyright: Here >>>


Step 2: Log in to Zoom Meetings and install


After logging into your account, click the settings cog icon in the right corner of the screen to set up audio and video.


Under Video → Camera → Select the appropriate display source type.


In the section Audio → Speakerphone/Microphone → Select the type of audio source.


Step 3: Create a new meeting at Zoom Meetings


Next, after the installation is complete, users can start creating a new meeting by clicking the New Meetings button (if you are a participant, click the "Join" button and enter the room code to attend).


Step 4: Entering the Zoom call interface, users can perform additional operations such as sharing the screen, turning on and off the sound, or controlling members in the meeting,...


6. Model of meeting room 


mô hình phòng họp


Thietbihop247 is confident to be the leading provider of online conferencing solutions in Vietnam, supporting all meeting needs from basic to advanced with extremely affordable costs. Moreover, with a team of highly trained staff, dedicated and enthusiastic consulting attitude, we are committed to providing our customers with the most perfect and cost-effective solutions. 


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