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Sony, the leading manufacturer of AV audio (Audiovisual), has launched a powerful line of powerful online communication products - the PCS-XG55. This device delivers 720p HD video with frame rates up to 60 fps. With a compact, user-friendly and ultra-affordable design, the XG55 is a true companion for the everyday business communications of every business and organization around the world.
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Powerful and compact - Sony PCS-XG55 - Video Conferencing equipment brings you new levels of communication.

Sony PCS-XG55 - Video Conferencing equipment

Sony, the leading manufacturer of AV audio (Audiovisual), has launched a powerful line of powerful online communication products - the PCS-XG55. This device delivers 720p HD video with frame rates up to 60 fps. With a compact, user-friendly and ultra-affordable design, the XG55 is a true companion for the everyday business communications of every business and organization around the world.

In addition, the HD camera of this device is developed by Sony's BrightFace ™ technology, so video images are clearly output even when used in rooms with low light conditions. Device units also feature natural and clear stereo sound that gives you the feeling of "real communication" as if everyone at the bridge sites was talking to each other in the same meeting room. .

To promote videoconferencing equipment as a key business communication tool, the Sony PCS-XG55 has been designed to be extremely user-friendly. With intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) _ using a simple layer structure and translucent floor menu, communication system is easier to use. Furthermore, it offers several other convenient user-friendly features, such as one-touch dialing to start a meeting, HDMI interface allowing for unique cable connection between codecs and displays. , And operate without distraction by using the RF Commander ™ remote control device.

The schematic connects the Sony PCS-XG55 video conferencing device to the codec

In addition, you can also enhance the quality of online TV spots with powerful data sharing (video and data presentation from a computer) as the Sony PCS-XG55 complies with the standards. ITU-T H.239 (requires additional software). Presentation data can be transferred with frame rate as high as 30 fps. Moreover, by using the PCS-XG55 video annotation function, you can specify specific parts of an image by writing on the tablet. (There must be a tablet pen option. third-party). With excellent data sharing tools, you can now minimize misunderstandings in a video conferencing.

The reality of the Sony PCS-XG55 video conferencing device

Attractive picture

Through H.264 video codecs, this tool enables transmission at 60 fps and improves picture quality at 1280 x 720 pixel resolution. The gorgeous HD video enhances video conferencing with vivid, lifelike images.

Excellent sound quality

Listeners will enjoy a clear and natural sound with the MPEG-4 AAC compression technology. Since the units have an echo cancellation kit, which eliminates the annoying echoes often heard when combined with other systems, the sound of remote communication is more natural.

ITU-T Support H.239 - Presentation of transferred data at 30 fps * 1

With support for the ITU-T H.239 standard (video and presentation data), the Sony PCS-XG55 can send both video and display data on your computer with video conferencing partners to Communicate more effectively. Presentation data can be transferred to high frame rate as 30 fps providing natural and smooth presentations even when using animation effects or video display from a computer. This presentation can also be displayed either from a projector or secondary monitor, using RGB output.

The Intelligence of Sony PCS-XG55 Video Conferencing

BrightFace Technology

BrightFace Technology of Sony PCS-XG55 Video Conferencing

The dedicated HD camera features Sony's unique BrightFace technology. This technology is capable of optimizing the brightness of each pixel to highlight the shadow, while overwhelming the area of ​​the image too bright. In addition, this Sony video conferencing camera can provide clear images even in dimly lit rooms, such as when using a projector, or in a room with a low light.

Enhanced Intelligent QoS ™ Function to achieve stable transmission

In order to handle the transmission of large amounts of HD video data, while maintaining high quality meetings and stable communication over IP networks, the Sony PCS-XG55 incorporates:

• Forward Error Correction (FEC)
• Real-time ARQ ™ (Automatic Repeat Request)
• ARC (Adaptive Rate Control)

The functions work in harmony with fast and consistent data throughput in the transmission of video signals, by adapting to changes in network conditions and packet loss correction.

Technical Note - Intelligent QoS function

Sony has implemented a number of QoS functions in all its current audio-visual systems. However, the QoS method commonly used with SD systems is not sufficiently capable of handling large amounts of data related to high definition (HD) video. Therefore, Sony has designed and implemented intelligent QoS functionality in its HD video communications systems.

Two major improvements have been made on previous methods. First, intelligent systems automatically allocate ARQ (Automatic Repeat Request), FEC (Forward error correction), and video data based on available bandwidth, as determined by the ARC (Audio Return Channel) function. Second, the FEC is implemented with larger FEC blocks and the number of parity packets is adjusted as required. This combination helps maintain high image quality when transmitting large amounts of data over an IP network.

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for high security

Secure internet conferencing thanks to the support of the 128-bit AES decoder of the Sony PCS-XG55. This system is fully compliant with ITU-T's H.233 / H.234 / H.235 standards, allowing for connection to many other equipment systems. When the encoding mode is active, the video, audio, and presentation data are encrypted during the video conferencing.

Usability of the Sony PCS-XG55

Usability of the Sony PCS-XG55Video annotation function

For effective communication, the PCS-XG55 video conferencing device provides a useful annotation video function. Conference participants can clearly point out specific parts of the data sharing, including live images and presentation data, simply by writing on a tablet. This function can help you minimize the time and effort in your communication, allowing you to give the listener strong and clear messages.

Simple installation and easy operation

Intuitive design is intuitive, using fuzzy cascading menus. Simple layer structure and easy functionality allows you to operate video conferencing systems, including cameras, much easier.

"One-touch Dialing" With RF remote control

Understanding the needs of the user, the PCS-XG55 is remotely controlled RF that you do not need to point directly to the system. Unlike infrared (IR) remote control, radio frequency (RF) remote control is easier because it is a wireless device with simple push buttons and is not aimed at the device. RF can be operated from one room to another, so the scope of use is wider than IR.

Moreover, this tool also has a one-touch dial feature that conveniently allows you to easily connect to any of your registered contacts by pressing a function button on the RF corresponding to a Thumbnail image on the GUI.

Many layouts show up

The Sony PCS-XG55 comes in a variety of layout layouts such as Picture-in-Picture, Picture-and-Picture, and Side-by-Side split screens. Any flexible display model can be selected so that both the image and the presentation data can be displayed most effectively.

Unique cable that connects to HDMI

With HDMI cable provided, we can be connected to a display equipped with HDMI. This cable transmits both audio and video, allowing codecs and displays to be connected neatly and quickly.

Compact and stylish design - suitable for all types of meeting rooms

With its compact design (approx. 2.0 kg) and its style, the PCS-XG55 is suitable for conference rooms, small and medium classrooms, even classrooms.

Backward compatibility with SD system

Since this Sony videoconferencing device is backward compatible with SD systems, you can seamlessly integrate your system into your existing standard definition video conferencing environment. This allows you to move from SD to HD at your own pace, with minimum investment.

Other features of the Sony PCS-XG55

♦ Memory Stick ™ - video data / presentations (including annotations) and audio can be recorded for later review.
♦ The data presented can be sent as a single line by selecting the RGB input
♦ Integrate online functionality for multicasting for large audiences
♦ Support for IPv6
♦ Support for H. 460 Firewall Traversal
♦ Up to 100 preset camera positions can be stored, each one thumbnail for easy retrieval.


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