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The Sony PCS-XG80 codec codec is based on the H.264 standard that gives you smooth, natural HD images with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Moreover, the units can be operated at 720p resolution, 60 frames per second, to produce more natural video.
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Compact design, 1080i HD video quality, real-life audio, affordable, the Sony PCS-XG80 - the ideal video conference device for any business or organization, as well as for distance learning.

Sony PCS-XG80 - the ideal video conference device

The quality of HD video provided by Sony not only enhances your daily videoconferencing effect with live images, but also allows you to see clearly the details that are not visible to us. SD System - This feature is especially useful for applications such as product design meetings.

The Sony PCS-XG80 codec codec is based on the H.264 standard that gives you smooth, natural HD images with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Moreover, the units can be operated at 720p resolution, 60 frames per second, to produce more natural video.

In particular, using the optional MCU software, this Sony online conferencing product series can be configured to communicate with up to five remote conferencing online locations (a total of six concurrent bridge points) simultaneously. , Using IP address (H.323 or SIP protocol) or ISDN connection (H.320 protocol). The system can also support IP and ISDN combinations by using bridging functions. In addition, the PCS-XG80 - which is installed with optional MCU software - can connect up to ten IP addresses for maximum upgrades.

In addition, for easy use in the corporate environment, the Sony PCS-XG80 is equipped with dual network interfaces _ one for LAN and one for WAN. This saves you time if you need to use the system both in an intranet environment and over the Internet. Furthermore multi-point connections can be made between LAN and WAN environments.

Features of the Sony PCS-XG80:

Simple installation and easy operation

Simple installation and easy operation with Sony PCS-XG80

• Single Connect HDTV Cable With HDMI Interface
• GUI visual interface - simple structure layer / Translucent Cascading Menus
• "One-touch Dialing" With the new RF radio remote control design.

Great HD picture and great sound quality

Great HD picture and great sound quality with Sony PCS-XG80

• 1080i HD - Excellent image quality
• "BrightFace" - This technology of Sony PCS-XG80 online conferencing equipment optimizes image quality even in less than ideal lighting conditions.

Brightface technology of Sony PCS-XG80

• Stereo sound as lively as life
• Clear and natural voice with advanced echo cancellation technology

Stable and secure online conferencing

• Sony PCS-XG80 has Intelligent QoS functionality - Provides video data based on network conditions to maintain image quality.


• H.235 Advanced Encryption Standard for high security

Unique features are improved for applications

• StickTM Recording - Video and Audio can be recorded as a document

StickTM Memory of Sony PCS-XG80 Online Conference Equipment

• Integrated Streaming function for broadcasting to large audiences
• Integrated video communications - View images from an IP Camera during a video conference

Other features for efficient video conferencing

• ITU-T H.239 support (video and data presentation)

Sony PCS-XG80 supports ITU-T H.239

- Presentation of data transferred at 30fps (with optional software)
• Video Annotation Function (with optional third party input tablet)
• Embedded MCU - Multipoint connection (with optional software)
- Conference system 6 points
- Upgrade support up to 10 points
- Supports six points in continuous mode (Continuous Presence Mode) with voice switching
• Backward compatibility with SD system
• Compact and stylish design suitable for all meeting room sizes
- Codec Size (W x H x D): 282 x 52 x 244 mm (11 1/8 x 2 1/8 x 9 5/8 inch)
- Weight Codec: About 2.2 kg (4 lb 14 oz)

About the Sony PCS product series

Online conferencing equipment continues to be improved to meet the evolving needs of users and to promote the use of the best advanced technology in the field of life. Sony has a long history of developing visual communication systems that help users communicate more effectively regardless of location or distance. And with the latest technology, Sony is seen as a new era of visual communication.

From the high definition (HD) video of the top model to the 4CIF video of the premium system, the Sony PCS-XG80 offers excellent video quality even on the go. Along with the sophisticated audio MPEG-4 AAC available on all models, your online media experience has been brought up to a new level. With useful features such as intuitive multi-point communications, robust QoS support, a secure encryption function, and easy set up and operation, the PCS Series is a true online conferencing tool. Imagine meeting the needs of professional users.

PCS has been widely used as a powerful business communication tool all over the world. Each model in the PCS Series has been designed for specific applications and can be used in a number of locations. SOHOs, small offices, meeting space, or even on the desktop, PCS Series (Sony PCS-SX55, PCS XG-80) have tissue Photos fit for your application. As a result, you not only reduce the time and costs associated with traveling to meetings, but also capture the expressions, gestures, and tone of your visual communication media you can deliver. Again as if you are meeting face to face in the same room.

Sony's PCS is a powerful visual communication tool for today's and tomorrow's systems, meeting the toughest requirements whether a large business or small business, in different market sectors, From government, education, publicity, health education, finance, and more. PCS Series - a new generation of visual communication system.


Save time and money. Deeply develop relationships. Increase productivity. Reduce our CO2 emissions and keep our green lungs in place by using online conferencing equipment instead of the travel business today.
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