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Bao An Telecom support




All our products are distributed by our company, guaranteeing the quality and accuracy of technical specifications and full support policy.


Bao An Telecom is committed to a two-year genuine warranty for Aver videoconferencing equipment and one year for all other products.


Please note that the following circumstances NOT apply warranty:


- The product used does not comply with the installation, operation or maintenance instructions of the manufacturer and the distributor.


- Serial number, product model does not match purchase contract, warranty card.


- The customer voluntarily intervenes to repair the product or repair at the warranty center is not authorized by the manufacturer.


- Product is damaged due to user error, and the fault is not included in the manufacturer's warranty list.


- Product damaged due to unexpected circumstances such as fire, sudden power outage or natural disasters and negative impact from the environment.


The warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase or from the activation of the electronic warranty, depending on the type of equipment specified on the warranty card. During the warranty period, Bao An Telecom will support customers to use a similar system of equipment to ensure that their work needs are not delayed. Depending on geographic location, which is far away from the company, we are committed to providing the best warranty support for 2 to 3 hours. The remote provinces, customers will be contacted and support as soon as possible.



• Why do my businesses need videoconferencing?


It can be said that video conferencing solutions are gaining popularity in every industry today. By visually combining body language, face-to-face and easy interaction through video technology, users can save efficiency, increase productivity and more.


This is a better solution than any traditional solution, and is a smart choice for businesses of all sizes.


• I heard that video conferencing is expensive, right?


With the development and advancement of science and technology, the cost of technologically cheaper and higher quality equipment. With all sizes of businesses, the initial cost to implement this communication solution is reasonable and not too expensive. Our customers said that in one year of use they were able to return easily.


• Why should you replace Skype and Google Hangouts with online media?


Skype and Google Hangouts are popular free video calling solutions, but are they appropriate in the business context?


Using video telephony is the most professional way to manage your business, work from a distance, and ensure the competitiveness of your company.


• How can this device save my business?


The HD streaming solution enables efficient collaboration between multiple access points, anytime and anywhere. Business use will shorten geographic distances to meet work, make important business decisions quickly. It is extremely effective. Decisions can be made faster and relationships can be enhanced with friendship, regardless of distance or time zone.


• Video conferencing is hard to use?


This is often considered a complex technology. However, this technology has evolved for years and now it's as simple as making a phone call. By using hardware systems, leaders or employees can remotely connect and join video conferences from anywhere with professional software on the iPad, laptop or mobile device. 


• Video conferencing is only for big business?


Since video conferencing solutions have evolved, many distributors have specifically focused on services catering to small and medium businesses. In addition, today's mobile devices can record video and connect with anyone, so it's easy to join a video conference. From a traditional desktop computer to a built-in webcam and mobile device, the business world is never as dynamic and accessible as it is today. You no longer need a huge budget to deploy video conferencing systems in places that are not really needed, but just some compatible devices. Distributors of video conferencing technology will provide many solutions for you to plan, and will depend on the needs of each and every customer they have.



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